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How to Book a Wedding Band in Philadelphia During Coronavirus & COVID-19

As our nation begins to recover and open up in the tail end of a global pandemic, it may be difficult to gauge how to continue with your wedding planning while coronavirus/COVID-19 is still a concern. The great news is that while things begin to re-open, no matter how comfortable you feel, there are many…
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Philadelphia Wedding Help – How to Deal with COVID-19

I Need Help with My Philadelphia Wedding. How Do I Deal with COVID-19? So, you need Philadelphia wedding help, right? You’re planning a Philadelphia wedding and you don’t know how to deal with the ripple effects of COVID-19. Don’t panic. We understand. Many Philadelphia entertainment companies provided couples and their families the opportunity to enjoy…
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Top 10 Myths About Your Wedding Music Choices

Most couples know that having good music at your wedding reception can make or break your night. However some people begin to worry about their decision when they hear some of the negative stereotypes placed on wedding music and what bands and DJs do. While some of those stereotypes may be based on truth, by choosing the right band o…

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