BVTLive! tells couples how to utilize social media for your wedding

How to Use Social Media at Your Wedding

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In the wedding space, social media can be utilized in so many ways, whether it be during the wedding planning process, the night of your wedding, or collecting memories afterward. During your wedding planning, it is a great place to check out different venues and vendors, a reference point for wedding day inspiration, a medium to find out what’s trending in the event space, and endless wedding tips and tricks that you might not find anywhere else. On your wedding weekend, there are so many avenues that you can explore to keep your guests engaged, and capture the special moments. Let’s explore the many offerings social media can provide for your wedding day that you may not see anywhere else, below!

There are so many different social media platforms that you could utilize to help inspire your dream wedding day. For wedding planning in 2023 and inspiration purposes, we suggest researching on the most visual of the social media platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn are great tools to check out your industry professional vendors as businesses, but they are more B2B and networking-based platforms than image-oriented and inspiring.

For all things wedding, we suggest looking at Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube! These platforms are highly aspirational, visual, and often linked to the companies’ full websites, where you can dive further into your search if something caught your eye. As for your main platform for the night of the wedding, we have seen most couples lean toward the “real-time” platforms and mobile apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and even Snapchat!

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Using Instagram for Your Wedding Planning

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform where users can post publicly or only to preapproved followers. Your content is organized by hashtags, as well as geographical tagging, making the content within the app highly discoverable. On your Instagram Explore page, you can find all types of wedding image and video content by searching with keywords! The more you search on your Explore page, the more the algorithm will give you similar content to discover.

If you are using Instagram for your planning, before you know it, your entire Explore page will be full of new and exciting wedding content! You can also follow specific hashtags to check out wedding content. Don’t be afraid to get granular with your targeting, there is a hashtag for everything! Some of the hashtags we use to reach potential couples or share our content are #philadelphiaweddings, #justengaged #weddingentertainment #phillybrides

Instagram is also a great tool for finding your vendors! Photographers, videographers, florists, and entertainment companies post content daily from real weddings they’ve serviced! Think of it as a visual extension of their website — their own personal highlight reel of visuals, waiting there for you to be discovered!

Using Pinterest for Your Wedding Planning

Pinterest is an extremely visual platform made specifically for inspiration and aspiration. Pinterest acts as its own search engine, where you can search pins based on keywords and the most applicable content will show up. Your homepage is a curated list, like your Instagram Explore page, that is full of content based on your activity.

Pinterest for Weddings

Using TikTok for Your Wedding Planning

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm. As a short-form video hosting service, it contains user-submitted videos which can range in topic and duration, anywhere from 3 seconds to 10 minutes. Since its launch, TikTok has gained global popularity. This app is known for starting trends, and though very much centered around a younger Gen-Z audience, there are popular influencers of all ages, and niche communities dedicated to just about every subject you can think of. This brings us to ‘Weddingtok’.

Weddingtok is just as it sounds, a fast-growing hashtag and group on TikTok dedicated to all things nuptials! Weddingtok is bringing in a whopping 39 billion views, making the content extremely current, dedicated, and optimal for new brides and grooms! Another great aspect about Weddingtok is people are very honest about their wedding experiences. Often times you can find a “Story Time”, a popular TikTok post where the person speaking shares their experiences, of people on their would and wouldn’t do’s again for their big day. Receiving clear feedback and advice from peers might be one of the best ways to sift through your wedding decision-making process. The possibilities on TikTok are truly endless!

Using YouTube for Your Wedding Planning

As the second-largest search engine behind Google, YouTube is a great place to look for your wedding entertainment. On YouTube, you can find live band content, promo videos and highlights reels of the bands performing, and can even check out your venue and how it will operate during your reception. When looking at your venue in action, make sure to consider where the band will play or the wedding DJ will set up, where the special dances take place, and how the dance floor looks and operates during the reception! It’s a great opportunity to see your space and add any additions to it without having to go in person. There are also many videos and visuals for wedding production enhancements: uplighting, light rods, monograms, interactive event performers, greeters, and so much more!

Tips for Using Social Media for Your Wedding

As a bride or groom, you can utilize social media in many ways throughout your wedding! Announcing your engagement to your partner is probably the most common way the wedding social media process starts. From there, you can create a hashtag for your big day, go over expectations with your guests, and even reach out to your vendors via DM!

When using social media on your actual wedding day, as the bride and groom, you might be a little busy. Have no fear because it is almost a guarantee your guests will be using it. You’ll get to see your day from different angles and perspectives as well as additional content outside of your photographer and videographer! Your wedding guests will probably be snapping photos and videotaping the different parts of the day throughout the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Obviously, your phone’s photographs will be very different from what your photographer and videographer capture, but that is the beauty of it! A lot of this imagery will be candid and sometimes in the off moments – dances, walking down the aisle, exiting the ceremony. Don’t be afraid to ask for your guests to send over any images they snapped during your big day!

#WeddingProTip: As you’re planning, start thinking about what you want to see in your pictures. If your guests are using a lot of social media, that means that your guests will be seen in most of your professional photos with phones in their hands. If you don’t want to have any phone in your ceremony pictures, don’t be afraid to tell your guests that your ceremony is “phone free!” On the other end of the spectrum, if you want a 360 degree view of your first dance, ask ALL of your guests to snap away and use your hashtag!!

How to Request NO Social Media From the Vendors at Your Wedding

If you don’t feel comfortable with your wedding vendors taking or using photos of you on your wedding day, that’s totally okay and a very normal request! Your photographer, as well as any additional vendors, should and will ask permission of you and your partner before using your imagery for any promotional or marketing materials. If you’re okay with some industry professionals using your photo but want to have autonomy over which posts go up, most vendors are OK to send you the content first!

Social Posts From Your Wedding Band or Wedding DJ

It is not uncommon for your industry professional vendors to capture some special moments of your big day! Your wedding band or DJ will probably be taking video and imagery content for their own advertising and social media purposes- if something is newsworthy or a ‘special moment’ happens, don’t be surprised if they whip out their phones and capture those moments! Experienced entertainment companies, as well as the rest of your vendors, typically receive your full wedding photo album after the reception has finished for their marketing purposes!

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