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Lusinky (Lu) Minier was born in NYC in 1984, after his family moved to America from the Dominican Republic. His love and appreciation for music started as a child, with the radio always playing in his home and at family gatherings. It was impossible to pull him away from it.

dj linx 001Fast forward to 2009, when he hit the scene as a DJ. His ability to adapt to any crowd and excite the room started in the Manhattan house party scene. He earned his name DJ Linx from an ecstatic client, who commented on his unique skill of “linking” songs together across different genres, catering to all his musical tastes.

dj linx 003In 2012, he entered and won a local DJ competition, much to the surprise of the favored competitor. The crowd and judges just couldn’t get enough! He was the house DJ on the Lehigh Valley University’s radio show (WLVR 93.1), every Friday night for the summer of 2013.

His extensive musical knowledge, uplifting attitude, and ability to cater to both English and Spanish speaking audiences make DJ Linx an asset to any party, wedding or event!

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