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BVTLive! Philadelphia Gala Entertainment

Philadelphia Gala Entertainment

A Gala is an event with a purpose; to raise money and benefit a cause. From the planning stage to the promotion of a Gala, the BVTLive! team is committed to the success of your event. If you’re looking to create a memorable, meaningful experience, experts recommend using entertainers with a proven record of performing and running successful gala events.

BVTLive! is proud to say we have performed at hundreds of galas over our 25+ years in the Philadelphia and Tri-State areas, providing an extensive amount of experience with the fine points. Our experience not only boasts talented musicians, but pristine event flow management on how to make your gala run smoothly and efficiently.

BVTLive! Philadelphia Gala Entertainment

Philadelphia Galas and Balls with BVTLive!

Check out a few of the many Philadelphia and beyond Galas that BVTLive! has recently provided entertainment for:

BVTLive! Jellyroll provides entertianment for the Black Tie Tailgate Gala

The Philadelphia Auto Show Black Tie Tailgate Gala:

The 2023 Black Tie Tailgate, the kickoff event to start The Philadelphia Auto Show week-long convention, is the premiere January party in Philadelphia. BVTLive! provided the headlining entertainment, Jellyroll, who has been performing at the luxurious Gala for over a decade.

BVTLive! also provided all of the musical acts for the entire event: jazz trios, electric violinists, acoustic guitar, and DJ Fusion set at the entryway. Our musicians were stationed throughout the many different rooms of the PA Convention Center providing a lively ambiance to the guests.

Jellyroll got the dance floor packed, and the party started for the 3,000+ people in attendance. The 2023 Black Tie Tailgate Gala raised over $400,000.00 for the Department of Nursing at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Our longstanding relationship with the Philadelphia Auto Show and the PA Convention Center is one we are proud of. We look forward to this event at the start of every year!

BVTLive! Jellyroll Band performs at the 2023 Black Tie Tailgate Philadelphia Auto Show
BVTLive! Jellyroll Band Performs at the Black Tie Tailgate Philly Auto Show
BVTLive! Provides entertainment for the Alex's Lemonade Stand Lemon Ball Gala

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Lemon Ball Gala: 

 The Alex’s Lemonade Stand Lemon Ball, a gala benefitting the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and childhood cancer, took place in 2023 at the Springfield Country Club after a 3-year hiatus. Having provided entertainment for the Lemon Ball Gala over the last decade, we were elated to be asked back. BVTLive! is honored to be a part of this event, which is filled with auctions, guest speakers, dinner, and a performance from our band, Strangers, to wrap up the evening. All proceeds benefit finding a cure for childhood cancer.

Pre-pandemic, the lavish gala was hosted at the Philadelphia Marriot Downtown. Our bands Strangers, Deja Blue, and Back2Life have all performed at this event to help raise money for this Philadelphia based charity. We will be back in 2024 with Strangers continuing to provide the entertainment for the evening!

“I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your support of the Lemon Ball. We raised over 850,000.00 We appreciate your support always and forever! Strangers was fantastic as always; people love their energy and they keep the dance floor full until the end.. It’s great to be back together for the same great cause”

 Liz Scott, Founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand,  Alex’s Mom

BVTLive! Alex's Lemonade Stand Lemon Ball Gala with Strangers Band
BVTLive! Alex's Lemonade Stand Lemon Ball Gala with Strangers
BVTLive! Strangers Band performs live at the Lemon Ball
BVTLive! American Heart Assocation Gala in Philadelphia

American Heart Association Philadelphia Heart Ball Gala:

The Philadelphia Heart Ball celebrates the incredible feats the American Heart Association conquers every day to ensure each person in America has a healthy heart. The night is filled with guest speakers, survivors, dinner, and this year, the featured entertainment of Big Ric Rising. Hosted at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, guests had the chance to cut loose for the night and celebrate all the positive change that has taken place since the American Heart Association’s founding in 1924.

We are proud to provide the entertainment for the Philadelphia Heart Ball for over a decade, with entertainment from our bands Big Ric Rising, Back2Life, and Jellyroll!

Big Ric Rising Philadelphia Gala Entertainment- The Philadelphia Heart Ball
Big Ric Rising Philadelphia Favorite Gala Band
Big Ric Rising BVTLive! Philadelphia Band
BVTLive! For Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation Gala

For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation Gala:

The For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation is an organization that enables cancer patients and their loved ones to strengthen, deepen and unify their relationships by creating unforgettable respite experiences. BVTLive! has provided the entertainment for their annual gala for the past decade with a few different bands: Deja Blue, Midnight Hour, and Back2Life. The ‘For Pete’s Sake’ team are dedicated to treating cancer patients and their families with such heart and passion. We could not be more grateful to perform for such amazing people, and such an amazing organization!

BVTLive! Deja Blue Band For Pete's Sake Respite Cancer Foundation Gala
For PEte's Sake Gala with Deja Blue BVTLive!
BVTLive! provides entertainment for the For Pete's Sake Respite Cancer Foundation Gala

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Additional Philadelphia and Tri-State area Galas BVTLive! has provided entertainment for:

And many more! BVTLive!  can always be counted on to perform for a good cause. If you’re in need of live entertainment for a gala or ball, look no further than BVTLive! Click the button below to speak with an entertainment specialist today!