Photo Booth Enhancements

One of the most well known enhancements to add on to any party or event, whether small or large, is the photo booth! Of course nothing replaces the amazing photos that your photographer will be capturing throughout the night but photo booths are great for two reasons. First it gives you guests the opportunity to take something home with them that night to remember the evening and hang on the fridge. And secondly it gives the hosts something fun to do when you go back and look at digital versions of all of the photos that your guests took at your event. BVTLive is proud to offer 3 high end photo booth options for your events that will elevate your guests experiences.

Our standard photo booth package includes an attendant, props, personalized photo strip design, and unlimited 2×6 prints for 3 hours of your party. Additional time can be added upon request.

The Classic Photo Booth

BVTLive! Photo Booth Enhancements Option 1 Our classic photo booth is the “traditional” booth you  are used to but taken to the next level. The standard booth you are used to has been around for years, but our booth has taken the time tested design and taken it to the next level with a high end casing, top level flash, and all of the advances of a high end modern technology with a sophisticated and classy look. Including a touch screen for your guests to see their photos and check them out before printing, this booth is for the host that wants the classic and fun photo booth with a modern feel.

Many booths of this design take pictures with an iPad while our booth takes high end photos with a DSLR camera so you will receive a high resolution copy of all your guests pictures for you to keep after the wedding! This booth also requires a backdrop (style of your choosing) so if you want the classic “Hollywood” style Black and White Photos, choose an all white backdrop and this is the booth for you.

The Magic Mirror Photobooth

BVTLive! Photo Booth Enhancements for Weddings

If you are looking for something extra special that your guests will be talking the Magic Mirror Photobooth will definitely do it. This booth is not your standard photobooth. With a framed mirror that stretches from the floor and goes 5 feet up, the mirror IS the camera. No need for a second screen to see what will be in the picture, with this booth, whatever you see in the mirror is what the camera will capture. Equipped with lights and and instructions that pop up on the mirror, this touch screen booth is sure to capture some fun photos.

The Glam Mirror Photo Booth

BVTLive! Wedding Photo Booth Enhancements Equipped with all of the features that the Magic Mirror Booth has, the Glam Mirror Photo Booth takes that fun and interactive experience and puts it in a modern and sophisticated presentation. This mirror sits on a pole stands for all to use similar to a cutting edge makeup mirror. If you are looking for something fun and different that your guests have never seen, this booth is certainly the answer.

Our photo booths can be paired with any of our bands or DJs and is a great add on to your wedding day package.

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