Double Up

Philadelphia DJ Fusion – DJ and Live Drums

Double Up (formerly Double Down) is a hot DJ Fusion combining the hip style of a DJ and live drums. DJ Joe Haederle and drummer Aaron Harel, who has been playing the drums since the age of 8, have been sharing the stage and wowing audiences for years. Since the two have been performing together for such a long time, they are a well-oiled machine and have true chemistry performing together. You can tell they are genuinely having fun with one another, as well as all of the guests at every party they play. Together they deliver an unmistakable energy that packs the dance floor with crowds of all ages.

Immersed in today’s music scene, Double Up keeps the party going with a mix of music from new to old. Guests can enjoy a range of hits from disco & Motown to 90’s classics and today’s Top 40 hits. On top of their wide range of music selections the groups is constantly praised for their professional work ethic and friendly attitudes. You and your caterers will not have a thing to worry about with Double Down helping to run the night.

BVTLive! Philadelphia Wedding Bands and Djs at Crystal tea Room by Finley Catering

In addition to the usual drum set that you see with fusion acts, Aaron’s mobile drum kit adds a unique element to any party, bringing the percussion and performance out into the crowd! Aaron and Joe say their mission when performing is to make the crowd come alive and that is exactly what they do at every event they play. Their ability to get involved and engage with audiences is something that makes them standout from the rest. This interaction is a great way for the audience to get involved with the performance and create unforgettable memories!

Working with Joe and Aaron has always been a pleasure.These guys know how to get the whole club dancing. Every time I have worked with them, they arrive early, they are professional and friendly.

– Ben, Communion Music