Songs for Weddings

BVTLivE! wedding at the Union League of Philadelphia

Deciding the songs for your wedding day can be tough and stressful. Luckily the BVTLive staff is here to help you pick the songs for your special day! BVTLive! has listed some of the most recent and popular songs to play at your wedding to make it a day you won’t forget.

Kurt Titchenell, president of BVTLive! and bandleader of the award-winning dance band Jellyroll, has over 40 years of experience in the music industry. With his expertise in music, these are his recommendations from being on the ground at weddings for over 4 decades. Kurt and his team have selected top wedding songs that they believe will best fit the different parts of your wedding day.

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Top Wedding Song Recommendations

See below for the different songs recommended, and be sure to click the songs to hear a quick preview of the original song on iTunes!

Songs for Fall Weddings

With cooler temperatures and beautiful falling leaves, many couples may choose the season of autumn to get married. From Halloween to thanksgiving, fall offers variety of…

Father-Daughter Dance Songs

One of the most tender and touching moments of a wedding reception is the classic Father-Daughter dance. Although it has become a staple of…

Wedding Walk Out Songs and Entrance Songs

BVTLive! has compiled a list of the most requested entrance songs for weddings. Taking the time to pick an entrance…

Top 10 Wedding Reception Songs for 2022

Planning your big day—flowers, the perfect dress, invitations, choosing a color scheme, the list is…

Love Songs

This day is all about celebrating love. Here are a few songs recommended by Kurt to show your friends and family how much you love each other.

Ceremonial Songs

Today’s the day! Everything’s ready to go and you’re finally ready to take that walk down the aisle. Here is some wedding ceremonial music to accompany you as you take…

Cocktail Hour Songs

The ceremony is over and it’s time for you to get your photos taken. Here are some songs for your guests to listen to at the cocktail hour.

Dance Songs

You’ve been announced as husband and wife, finished the traditional dances and heard the speeches from your loved ones. It’s now time to get your groove on and dance the night away! Here are some dance songs that Kurt has suggested.

Special Dance Songs

You are about to start a new life with your new husband or wife. But don’t forget the people who have always been there for you! Here are some…

First Dance Songs

You are officially married! Now it’s time for your first dance as a newlywed couple. Here are some songs for you and your loved one to dance to for that special moment.