BVTLive! DJ and Live Musician Hybrid

DJ Hybrid, also referred to as DJ fusion, is a DJ playing simultaneously with live musicians. This is one of the hottest trends in the Philadelphia wedding and event industry! Not only is it one of the most popular new options, On It Productions is the area’s premier specialist for the DJ and live music combination.

DJ Hybrid for Philadelphia Weddings and Events

Our DJ Hybrid experience provides one or more live musician performing in tandem with your DJ, creating an interactive environment and unique sound! The DJ will MC your evening and produce a mix of dance music that is enhanced by our  live musicians.

Gheysens Anniversary PArty with DJ Fusion saxophone, violin, and drums

This is an epic combo for anyone looking to pack the dance floor at their wedding or event! Whether it be percussion, electric violin, horns, or vocals, BVTLive! Hybrid is sure to take your special event to the next level.

Explore our DJ Hybrid Options:

DJ and Percussion for Weddings

Choose a DJ and percussion fusion ensemble for your special event and watch your celebration transform into a dynamic and interactive atmosphere. Choose from congas, bongos, cymbals, triangle, and more!

DJ and Guitar for Weddings in Philadelphia

DJ and Guitar Hybrid for Weddings and EventsElevate your wedding or event with our DJ Hybrid ensemble of award-winning On It Productions DJs and a Philadelphia guitarist. This unique ensemble...

DJ and Saxophone for Weddings

DJ and Saxophone Ensemble for WeddingsOur DJ Saxophone Hybrid Ensemble combines the smooth sounds of the saxophone with the modern beats of our skilled DJs, making it a perfect choice...

DJ and Electric Violin for Weddings

DJ and Electric Violin for Weddings and EventsA DJ and Electric Violin Fusion Ensemble is a harmonious blend of dynamic DJ rhythms and the soulful melodies of the electric violin....

DJ and Drums for Weddings

DJ and Drums for weddings in Philadelphia is a great way to provide a unique entertainment experience to your special event! Drums add an extra beat to our DJ’s wedding playlist, ensuring an energetic and powerful atmosphere.

Nils Mossblad – SaxOnIt

SaxOnIt, Nils Mossblad, is a career event musician and saxophonist based out of Philadelphia with the ability to bring your event to the next level! With exceptional DJ Hybrid abilities, he also can play your ceremony, cocktail hour, ball, gala, and party! Click to learn more.

DJ and Live Music Combination

Can’t decide if you want a DJ to mix all your favorite songs, or live musicians playing horns, drums, or electric violin for your wedding or event? Why not have both! With the DJ Hybrid experience, you get the lively, energetic mix of all your favorite dance songs combined with the entertaining factor of an interactive live performance.

If you are looking for a DJ for your party, we will provide you with one of the best DJ’s in the Tri-State area from our award-winning team. And to add an extra element of live music and energy to your party, we will pair your DJ with one or more of the area’s top musicians to perform live and make it an interactive experience.

DJ Hybrid is sure to take your special event to the next level and provide an incredible experience for you and your guests! Whatever musicians you pair your wedding DJ with this combination is sure to elevate the experience to a whole new level!

DJs with On It Productions at Union Trust
DJ Fusion percussion, saxophone, DJ

What makes BVTLive! Philadelphia’s DJ Hybrid Expert?

There are many aspects that go into creating a truly perfect DJ Hybrid experience. At BVTLive and On It Productions, we have been providing DJ and live musician offerings for over 10 years and have perfected the art.

Not only are our DJs equipped and accustomed to performing with a live musician, our musicians are carefully selected and trained to provide the perfect balance of adding to the music while also getting onto your dance floor and interacting with your crowd.

Choosing a DJ Hybrid ensemble through On It Productions for your Philadelphia Wedding is a great way to give an interactive wedding experience to your guests, while still hearing the songs you know and love.

Contact us today to speak with an entertainment specialist and book your DJ Hybrid wedding ensemble!

DJ Fusion percussion, saxophone, DJ