DJ and Percussion for Weddings

Choose a DJ and percussion fusion ensemble for your special event and watch your celebration transform into a dynamic and interactive atmosphere. Choose from congas, bongos, cymbals, triangle, and more!

DJ and Percussion for Weddings in Philadelphia

At a wedding with BVTLive! and On It Productions, the rhythm never stops, and the beat is always alive! Introducing our electrifying DJ Hybrid ensemble featuring a masterful DJ and a talented percussionist, ready to add an extra layer of groove to your event in Philadelphia.

DJ Hybrid with Percussion for Weddings

Percussion for DJ Hybrid

Experience the ultimate fusion of sound as our DJ and percussionist come together to create a musical journey like no other. Whether you’re envisioning a chic wedding or a glamorous corporate event, our DJ hybrid ensemble with percussionist is the perfect choice to set the mood and create memories that last a lifetime. With pulsating rhythms and infectious beats, our DJ with a live percussionist ensemble brings an energy that will keep your guests on their feet all night long.

More about DJ and Percussion Fusion for Weddings

What sets us apart is our dedication to crafting a truly immersive experience. Our percussionist adds depth and texture to the music, weaving in the rich tones of congas, bongos, auxiliary instruments, cymbals, tambourines, cowbell, and more. It’s a symphony of sound that elevates every moment, from cocktail hour to the last dance.

Our Percussionists also can get mobile and go out on the dance floor! Most of our percussionists have additional instruments that allow them to celebrate right in the middle of the party with the newlyweds as well as their guests, creating an even more interactive atmosphere.

BVTLive! Dj and Percussion Fusion
BVTLive! Percussion for Weddings with DJ
DJ and Percussion for Weddings

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DJ Fusion percussin ensemble at the Ballroom at the Ben

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