Live Band Prices Guide for BVTLive

Understanding Live Band Prices, DJ Prices

Pricing for our bands, DJ’s and specialty act groups depend largely on the size of the band, the specific date, and of course, demand.

Philadelphia area wedding dance band prices are generally lower on Fridays and Sundays, as opposed to Saturdays. We also offer discounted packages during Winter months. The timing and specific location may also influence pricing. Of course, the demand for a specific band also affects pricing, perhaps more than any other factor. For example, for one of our high demand bands, pricing will exceed $10,000 for a Saturday, and will usually offer preferred pricing under $10,000 for Fridays, Sundays, and even lower during the week. Even our larger bands, are almost always well under $14,000.

We are happy to supply specific pricing for you by email, and we encourage you to supply as much information as possible, or better yet, schedule a quick call with us.

Specific Live Band Prices and DJ Prices:

  • BVTLive Dance Band Pricing – 6 to 12 Band Members ($4,500 – $15,000+)
  • BVTLive DJ Blend Jazz Pricing – DJ with Jazz Trio for Cocktails and Dinner ($2,995+)
  • BVTLive DJ Blend String Ensemble Pricing – DJ with String Trio for Ceremony and Cocktails ($3295+)
  • BVTLive DJ/Live Fusion Pricing– DJ with Musicians ($2,500+)
  • BVTLive Premier DJ ($1,695+)

* Travel fees may apply to venues well outside the Philadelphia region

* Ask about preferred pricing on off peak dates