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6 Specialty Performers That Will Make Your Philadelphia Wedding Reception Unique – BVTLive!

Having a specialty performer at your Philadelphia wedding reception is the perfect way to make your reception stand out. Specialty performers offer a unique and interactive experience for both you and your guests. Keep on reading to hear about all the specialty performers that BVTLive!’s sibling company On It Productions has to offer for your…
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Planning for a wedding in 2024.

Planning For a Wedding in 2024

And just like that – you’re engaged to the love of your life! Wedding bells are ringing, family and friends are reaching out with congratulations, and planning is on the horizon. BVTLive! knows how overwhelming planning a wedding can be: small details, strict timelines, and everyone giving you their wedding advice. Luckily, we’ve done this…
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BVTLive! tells couples how to utilize social media for your wedding

How to Use Social Media at Your Wedding

In the wedding space, social media can be utilized in so many ways, whether it be during the wedding planning process, the night of your wedding, or collecting memories afterward. During your wedding planning, it is a great place to check out different venues and vendors, a reference point for wedding day inspiration, a medium…
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