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BVTLive’s Philadelphia Wedding Bands Top 10 Instagram Moments

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Nowadays everyone is on Instagram, including your wedding band! BVTLive’s wedding bands in Philadelphia pride themselves on creating unforgettable memories, and often post some of the best wedding moments on Instagram. Instagram is a great tool to use to share photos and videos from your special day. Here at BVTLive, we love to connect with…
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Philadelphia Wedding Band Showcase – Important Questions to Ask When Attending

Many people find that attending a Philadelphia wedding band showcase is the best way to pick the perfect entertainment for their wedding. But choosing the right wedding band is more than just hearing the music. There are important questions you should ask: Is the band from the Philadelphia area? Philadelphia area doesn’t mean the company…
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Live Wedding Band Cost – How to Get the Most for Your Money

You’re planning your wedding day and you’re asking yourself “How much does a live wedding band cost?” Well, there are a few factors that go into answering this question. 1. When is the wedding? Our live wedding bands adjust their cost based on the time of the year that the wedding is taking place. There are…
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