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What to Consider When Picking a Philadelphia Wedding Venue – BVTLive!

Selecting a Philadelphia wedding venue is a significant decision that shapes the atmosphere of the event, from the aesthetic of the venue to the space itself. Picking the perfect venue for your Philadelphia wedding involves contemplating various elements to ensure it meets your expectations and needs. Let’s explore some things to consider when visiting Philadelphia…
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BVTLive! Philadelphia Wedding Entertainment Agency Blog about 14 Cocktails to Personalize your Wedding Cocktail Hour

14 Signature Drinks That Will Personalize Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Cheers to the newlyweds! After the guests witness the loving couple taking their vows, they all come together to celebrate starting with the cocktail hour. The cocktail hour allows the partygoers to socialize and mingle while the newlyweds take this time to finish taking the family and couple photos. During the cocktail hour, the bride…
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