BVTLive! How to Stay Warm at Your Winter Wedding

How to Stay Warm for your Winter Wedding

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The leaves are falling, the temperatures are cooling, and before you know it, winter is right around the corner! Many newlyweds-to-be choose the winter months for their wedding for any number of reasons – to avoid the potential conflicts that can come from the other seasons, for the proximity to the holidays, or just because they love the possibility of snowy wedding day. If you’re thinking of a winter wedding, here are seven ways to keep you and your guests warm during your wedding so everyone can enjoy your special day.

Winter Wedding Wardrobe- Our Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to weddings, you should always dress for the occasion, and a winter wedding is no different. Keep the temperatures in mind when deciding on your attire. A shawl or jacket around your shoulders will bring you some extra warmth while complimenting your outfit at the same time. Or add a pair of gloves for an elegant way to keep some of the heat in your fingers. However you choose to style yourself for your winter wedding, make sure comfort and warmth are a top priority.

BVTLive! How to Stay Warm at your Winter Wedding

Heat Lamps for the Ceremony

Heat lamps are a great way to bring some warmth to your winter wedding day. If your wedding venue ceremony location is outdoors or open with a lot of windows, talk to your wedding venue to see if they have any recommendations on the best heat lamps and where to find them! Your wedding guests can decide for themselves when they want or need more time next to the lamps, and with many lamps’ adjustable settings, everyone can find the perfect temperature to stay warmed up and ready to celebrate your big day!

#WeddingProTip: Many of our favorite Philadelphia wedding venues will include heat lamps with your ceremony and cocktail hour if you contract your wedding in winter months! Make sure to reach out to your planner or venue coordinator to ask for heating options. You may be surprised at what they have to offer!

Hot Signature Cocktails for Cocktail Hour

A signature drink at your cocktail hour or wedding reception adds a wonderful touch of personalization to your big day. If you’re planning a winter wedding, be sure to include some hot signature drink options on the bar menu! An apple cider hot toddy, mulled white wine, or hot buttered rum will be a great hand-heater for those wedding guests who want something warm with a kick. Or set up a hot chocolate bar – with a twist! Offer toppings and mix-ins like mini marshmallows, peppermint sticks, or a shot of Bailey’s so your guests can dress up their hot cocoa however they like. Need more ideas? Check out our list of 14 Signature Drinks That Will Personalize Your Wedding Cocktail Hour and see if anything catches your eye – and your tastebuds!

BVTLive! How to Stay Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Warm Wedding Menu for Dinner

Take the season into account when deciding on the menu for your special day. Wedding menus in other seasons tend to have lighter options like fruits, cheese and crackers, or seafood. Winter weddings call for heartier food options, like pastas, potatoes, or grilled cheese and tomato soup, to fill you up with energy and bring you the comfort of a wonderfully warm meal on a cold night. Discuss winter food selections with your wedding venue and caterer to find the perfect menu that will keep your guests full and happy all night long!

BVTLive! How to Stay Warm at Your Winter Wedding

A Non-Stop Dance Party at the Reception (Duh!)

There’s no better way to get the blood flowing than movement, so light up the dance floor at your wedding reception! Your reception is your time to celebrate your special day, so keep it loose, have fun, and dance like nobody’s watching. Of course, a new pair of dancing shoes calls for the best music, and BVTLive! has you covered. With incredible live wedding bands, extraordinary DJs, and fabulous specialty acts, we can help you find the perfect soundtrack to your wedding day. Contact us today to learn more and come to a showcase to experience our magnificent musicians doing what they love for yourself!

BVTLive! How to Stay Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Choose a Winter Dessert Spread!

A winter wedding calls for all the hearty and carb-y sweets for your wedding guests! Choose from tarts, pies, cakes, warm chocolate chip cookies, and many more! For an added dose of nostalgia and fun, set up a s’mores bar and let your guests roast marshmallows over the fire and build their own s’mores! S’mores bars are a creative and fun dessert option everyone will love, and they pair perfectly with a fire pit heating system.

#WeddingProTip: If you want a custom winter wedding dessert, ask your caterer what specialty seasonal desserts they offer! If you offer suggestions or want something new, there’s no harm in asking!

BVTLive! How to Stay Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Blankets as Wedding Favors

Wrapping yourself up in a nice, comfortable blanket on a cold night is a staple of wintertime. A blanket as a winter wedding favor for your guests will ensure they stay warm at your wedding reception and for a long time to come! Guests can take a blanket if they need it or hold onto it for home if they don’t. You can even personalize the blankets with your initials and the date of your wedding , so your wedding guests will always remember the warmth and happiness of your special day every time they reach for something to cover you on a chilly winter’s night.

Book BVTLive! for your Winter Wedding Entertainment!

The winter season can provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day, so don’t let those temperatures deter you from getting married during the colder months! Keeping your wedding guests warm at your winter wedding might be your number one priority, but at BVTLive!, providing you with the best music at your wedding is our number one priority.

With so many amazing musical options to choose from, BVTLive! will keep the dance floor full and your guests feeling happy and – most importantly – warm all night long. Check out our extensive list of bands, DJs, and specialty acts, and come visit us at a live wedding band showcase to hear our bands in person, and let us help you find the perfect music for your perfect winter wedding!

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