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14 Signature Drinks That Will Personalize Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Cheers to the newlyweds! After the guests witness the loving couple taking their vows, they all come together to celebrate starting with the cocktail hour. The cocktail hour allows the partygoers to socialize and mingle while the newlyweds take this time to finish taking the family and couple photos.

During the cocktail hour, the bride and groom can use this time to showcase their personality as a couple. Consider adding a distinctive touch to your cocktail hour by providing your guests with signature drinks. We listed 14 of the most popular signature drinks for your cocktail hour including specialty cocktails and non-alcoholic options that your guests will be sure to enjoy and remember!

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Why Personalized Signature Drinks?

alcohol for weddingsMost people have their own go-to drink, and this does not always mean an alcoholic beverage. You can have a stocked open bar with beer on tap and wine readily available, but why not create a signature drink with a sweet name that will give that extra detail to make them smile. Which would you choose— a simple glass of Merlot, or a “Say I Do Sangria?”

Having signature drinks will also keep bar lines shorter, which will make your guests happy. Your guests will be drinking these special creations to celebrate you and your new marriage!

Personalization is not limited to cocktail hour, as these concoctions can be added to bachelorette and bachelor parties, engagement parties, bridal showers, wedding receptions, and more! Our favorites are listed below for inspiration, but make sure you have fun with making some unique and personal signature cocktails of your own.

signature drink sign

How to Choose Your Signature Drink

Wine bar at cocktail hour

You want to start by choosing drinks that are special to you and your partner. Consider a few things when deciding which drink is perfect for you— mixing, location, personal favorites, and most importantly your own personal love story. Let us start with mixing, you want to consider a drink that will mix easily and taste good together. Mixing drinks is an art. It takes knowledge, talent, and one’s personal flair.

Location comes into consideration when deciding how intimate you want your cocktail to be. You can choose a drink that highlights where your wedding is located by selecting flavors that relate to the area. You can even choose local alcohol companies such as local vodka (like Stateside, which is from Philadelphia).

Your love story can shine through in your drink selection by selecting a drink that is special to you two as a couple. A drink that you two both love which brings you back to why you fell in love. You can always go with the easiest option, which would be you and your partner’s personal favorites. This is all up to you as a couple and this personal touch will make your day the most special!

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tequila and grapefruit drink sign

14 Signature Drink and Name Suggestions your Guests will Love

1. “Bloody Marry Me!”

bloody marry me drink

If you are looking for a savory option with a bit of a kick— this is the drink for you. This cocktail contains vodka, tomato juice, and other spices and flavors.

2. “You & Me G&T”

gin and tonic signature drink
A solid, classic drink! A vibrant light and refreshing drink to start off the night. This cocktail is made with gin and tonic water poured over a large amount of ice.

3. “Be Mine Wine”

glass of wine

Wine has many options of taste such as sweet, salty, warm, or bitter. Take your favorite wine and add it as a signature drink to express whichever emotion you want your guests to feel from that taste.

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4. “Marriage Margarita”

marriage margarita

Tequila is your favorite? It is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser now that it has been ranked #1 liquor in America. Add the “Marriage Margarita” as your signature drink to have your guests feeling free and fruity.

5. “Apple (cider) Of My Eye”

angry orchard drink

A spiked apple cider can warm the crowd up and is perfect for a fall wedding. Throw together a mix with your choice of whiskey and rum. Whiskey is a good choice if you want more of a warm taste, and rum is perfect if you want more of a sweet taste. You can always purchase Angry Orchard hard cider if you wanted to capture that fall taste without mixing a cocktail.

6. “Say I Do Sangria”

say I do sangria

An iced punch made of fruit and red wine is the perfect choice for your guests if you want something fruity, refreshing, and complex.

7. “Ale You Need Is Love”

ale you need is love

Beer can always be a good option especially if you enjoy your drinks a bit craftier and distinctive. Your choice of ale is a full-bodied taste that will leave your guests feeling relaxed and rustic.

8. “Wedding Bell(ini)”

wedding bellini

This wonderful, light, fruity drink is paired perfect with a summer wedding. Mix prosecco and peaches for the amazing taste of the “Wedding Bellini.”

9. “Blue Me Away”

blue me away cocktail

A blue Curaçao can add the sour and sweetness of an orange, creating that tropical, summery feel to your wedding.

10. “We Are Mint To Be”

we are mint to be mojito

This signature take on the classic mojito can bring a refreshing and sparkling taste to your wedding with ingredients such as mint, lime juice, and rum that will leave your guests ready to get the party started.

11. “The Perfect Pear”

the perfect pair cocktail

This ginger pear cocktail will be the perfect choice if you want a more tart tasting choice that has a special kick.

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4. “Marriage Margarita”

12. “Old Fashioned Love”

old fashioned love

You can never go wrong with a classic! Pay tribute to your elders who will enjoy this drink. Like your love, this will never go out of style.

13. “Me and Mine Mimosas”

me and mine mimosa

Mimosas are playing it safe yet keeping it classy. This will have your crowd ready to start the rest of the night with this orange juice and champagne mixture.

14. “Mai Tai The Knot”

mai tai the knot cocktails

Serve a refreshing and citrusy Mai Tai to get the ball rolling at your wedding. Give your guests a taste of how sweet your love as a couple is.

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