Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day with BVTLive!

Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day!

You’re getting married! As the initial excitement of your engagement begins to fade to the background, you might start thinking: Now what? Now, you plan your wedding day.

But with so much to do to prepare and sometimes so little time, wedding planning can become a huge stressor on your life rather than something to look forward to. Here at BVTLive!, we understand how stressful the wedding planning process can be, so here are some tips to help you plan your stress-free wedding.

1. Keeping Your Head on Straight: Organization & Prioritization

There can be a lot of moving parts within the wedding planning process. Before it starts to overwhelm you, take a deep breath, and determine at the beginning of the process those two or three things – whether that’s your entertainment, the décor, or the venue itself – that are most important to you and prioritize them during your planning.

Staying as organized as possible will help to take away some stress. Keeping a planning checklist, delegating tasks to friends and family, and setting deadlines are just a few ways you can mitigate some of the stresses of the wedding planning process.

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2. Location, Location, Location: Finding Your Venue

Your venue will provide the backdrop of your special day, but that doesn’t mean it should also provide you with extra wedding worries. Your venue should not only fit your style; it should also bring you joy.

Consider choosing a single venue and holding both your ceremony and reception in the same place; this can cut out the possible stress of transportation and travel between ceremony and reception for you and your wedding guests. You can also look for venues that include catering and décor to take a few other planning points off your plate.

#WEDDINGPROTIP: Most Philadelphia Wedding Venues have pre-packaged inclusions that come with their event space. These can include caterers, linens, silverware, décor, table numbers and more. Speak with your venue coordinator about their venue inclusions and see what might be the best fit for you!

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3. Planning is Paramount: Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning should be a fun, enjoyable experience leading up to one of the most exceptional days in your life, not a source of worry and stress. If wedding planning feel like a daunting, impossible task, don’t be afraid to ask for help – and that includes hiring a wedding planner. A wedding planner will assist with many of the planning burdens like helping you choose a venue, handling wedding invitation details, and managing the wedding-day logistics so you can take in every moment of your special day.

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4. Lights, Cake, Action: Vetting Your Vendors

Catering, photography, videography, entertainment – there are a lot of moving parts to a wedding, so finding reliable, trustworthy vendors is a key component to ensuring a stress-free wedding day. Choose your Philadelphia wedding industry professionals with care. You’ll want to make sure they are authentic, intentional, and will deliver exactly what they promise.

BVTLive! has been providing the Philadelphia area with the best wedding entertainment for over twenty-five years, so we’ve worked with a huge variety of vendors in the area and can give you sound advice about the vendors you may be thinking of using. Your vendors should care about your special day as much as you do.

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5. Plans B, C, and D: Prepare for Anything

While you shouldn’t stress too much over the little things, it is important to be prepared in case something doesn’t go to plan. Thinking ahead during the planning stage and coming up with solutions for possible problems that could arise can help lessen some of that would-be stress on your wedding day. And once again – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk to your wedding planner, if you have one, or your friends and family and delegate the Plan B tasks so that you can focus on what matters: celebrating one of the most memorable days of your life.

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6. Self-Care Among the Stress: Take Care of Yourself

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, and even with all the wedding planning tips and tricks in the world, you’ll likely still encounter at least a little bit of stress along the way. Throughout the planning process, remember to take some time for yourself: eat well, exercise, meditate, do whatever helps you feel your best. You might also want to set aside scheduled time to spend with your partner, to connect and enjoy each other’s company outside of the planning worries. You won’t be able to properly enjoy your big day if you’ve fallen down a stress-filled rabbit hole.

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7. Going with the Flow: Remember the Big Picture

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the flurry of action on your wedding day and let your thoughts run wild. Is everything set in place? Will the day’s events run smoothly? Does everyone know where to be and what to do? As difficult as it might be, try to let go of those worries, especially over things you can’t control, and be as flexible as you can. If getting ready runs a few minutes over its scheduled time, that’s okay. Little inconveniences are just that – inconvenient – and luckily will not ruin the whole of your special day if you don’t let them. Don’t sweat the small stuff, as they say.

Above all, try to maintain perspective. It’s a wedding day, not a worry day!

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8. Live in the Moment: Enjoy the Journey

Our biggest piece of advice for trying to avoid stress on and leading up to your wedding day: be present. Your dream wedding only happens once in a lifetime, and you won’t want to look back in a few years and wish you hadn’t worried so much over something ultimately insignificant. Embrace the excitement of planning your wedding, make the most of the process and the big day when it comes, and try to focus on what matters – the love you share with your partner.

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Wedding planning shouldn’t take the fun and enjoyment out of your wedding day. From the venue to the music to even the timeline, your wedding day should be a memorable time for you, your partner, and your wedding guests without worry or concern.

Here at BVTLive! we don’t just offer Philadelphia’s premier live wedding entertainment options, with incredible bands, award-winning DJs, fantastic DJ/instrumental fusions, and exciting specialty acts. We deliver professional, stress-free wedding performance planning that puts you center stage and provides you with the best entertainment experience in the region. Contact us to see how we can provide next-level music and entertainment for your wedding day!


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