top 10 wedding trends for 2024

The Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2024

From statement aisles to over-the-top wedding cakes, the 2023 wedding trends have been big and bold in all the best ways. But the 2023 wedding season is quickly drawing to a close, and 2024 is set to be even bigger, bolder, and brimming with endless possibilities for creativity. These are our predictions for the wedding trends that will capture the 2024 wedding season:

Rooftop Dancing

Wedding Trend 1: On-The-Day Content Creation

If you’re just itching to post pictures from your wedding but haven’t received your wedding photo album yet, we’re anticipating a rise in on-the-day content creation: booking a social media creator to take pictures and videos and create all kinds of content of your wedding day.

On-the-day content creation will not only give you images and videos of your special day that you can post while you wait for your professional photos and video to be developed, but it’ll also allow you and your wedding party to be fully present throughout the day instead of watching everything through a phone screen!

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Wedding Trend 2: A Private Last Dance

It’s the end of the night, the wedding reception is winding down, and you want to share one last dance alone with your new spouse before your life together truly begins. Talk to your band or DJ and wedding planner and let them know you want a private last dance, a trend we think will stick around for a while.

A private last dance can give the two of you a chance to take time to breathe, to be with one another in a special way on an otherwise hectic day. Pick a song you love, enjoy the moment with your love, and take in the joy and beauty of the last moments of your wedding day.

Private Last Dance

Wedding Trend 3: Nostalgic Film Photography

We think film photography will have new life in 2024. There’s a certain nostalgia to film photography, a reminder of a time before everything turned digital, that many newlyweds are leaning into with their wedding photography.

Photos taken on film have a timeless look to them that’s perfect for capturing the special moments on your wedding day, and the anticipation of waiting for the film to be developed will make the moment you finally get to see the photos all the sweeter!


Wedding Trend 4: Embracing Color – Think Bright and Bold

Teals and tangerines, rich purples, and vibrant yellows – there’s a color combination for every style of wedding imaginable, and 2024 will be the year of bold color palettes! Brighten up your wedding day with vivid, eye-catching colors that will wow your wedding guests.

Warmer colors like reds and yellows will bring lots of energy while cooler colors like blues and purples will add an air of sophistication. Whether you add subtle touches of your palette here and there or opt for loud, in-your-face colorful décor, don’t be afraid to embrace those bright and bold colors of 2024 with open arms!

Bride and Bridal Party

Wedding Trend 5: Immersive Experiences

You want your wedding guests to remember your special day as fondly and as positively as you surely will. We’re noticing many couples decide to include immersive guest experiences at their weddings to leave a last impression of their big day. Themed greeters, aerialists, photo booths, and more are enjoying their moment in the wedding trend spotlight, and we see no end in sight!

Want to thrill and amaze your wedding guests? BVTLive! provides an extensive list of guest experience offerings, from champagne skirt greeters to character impersonators – even aerialists!

Bride and Groom Dancing

Wedding Trend 6: Champagne Walls

Champagne walls are a trend we think will only continue to gain momentum going into the 2024 wedding season. While a champagne wall sounds self-explanatory – a wall that holds glasses of champagne (or your choice of beverage) for your guests to take – you can take it to the next level and add your seating chart to your champagne wall or turn it into a gorgeous photo backdrop.

For an interactive guest experience, try a living champagne wall: a fully customizable wall where servers will offer drinks to your guests at the ring of a bell. Check out BVTLive!’s own living champagne wall to learn more!

Champagne Wall

Wedding Trend 7: Sustainability

The 2024 wedding season will be even more environmentally conscious than the 2023 season has been. There’s been a big move toward sustainability in the wedding scene recently – potted plant centerpieces, zero-waste catering, even decorations and favors made from recycled material. Many couples are taking steps to shrink the ecological footprint and environmental impact of their wedding day. Though some choices may seem small, like using biodegradable confetti, they can have a big impact, and that’s why we’re big fans of this trend.

Wedding Food

Wedding Trend 8: Custom Dance Floors

Add another personal touch to your wedding reception with a custom dance floor! We’re seeing so many couples make their dance floors their own with LED monograms or vinyl floor wraps to set their receptions apart from others. If you know you’ll want to jump on this awesome trend, talk to your reception venue to confirm it’ll be possible and don’t forget to leave enough time for manufacturing and installation.

Want to be sure your beautiful custom dance floor gets plenty of use all night long? Book a BVTLive! wedding band, DJ, or DJ Fusion and you’ll have to drag everyone off that dance floor!

Wedding Dance Floor

Wedding Trend 9: High Impact Florals

Flowers are a staple of weddings, and we’re predicting a fabulous floral arrangement trend that will leave your wedding guests with beautiful scents and smiling faces. These floral arrangements don’t have to very big in size. Rather, they should be dramatic, full of vibrant colors and unique types of flowers that draw on and ultimately enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Wedding Trend 10: Bridesmaid Mix and Match

There’s a new trend on the horizon: mix-and-match bridesmaids! Rather than having all of your bridesmaids wear the same dress in the same color, some brides are deciding to let their bridesmaids make their own choices regarding the color, style, and even texture of their dresses.

Letting your bridesmaids make the decisions for themselves will not only help them feel comfortable all throughout the big day, but it will also allow their personalities to shine while still reflecting on you on your special day! The difference yet coordination in garb also makes your photos pop!

Book BVTLive! for your 2024 Wedding Entertainment!

We’re so looking forward to all of these incredible trends that will no doubt make the 2024 wedding season one to remember! 2024 weddings are going to be big and bright and bold and beautiful, and BVTLive! boasts the best live music and entertainment in the Philadelphia area.

Come visit us at a live wedding band showcase to see some of our incredible bands perform or contact us to learn about our other offerings like DJs, specialty acts, and our living champagne wall. Big and bold weddings deserve the best soundtrack – and BVTLive! always delivers the best.

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