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Ways to make your wedding reception memorable

Make Your Reception Memorable With BVTLive!

Wedding & Party Bands
Tying the knot with the love of your life is a defining moment that should be celebrated as a once in a lifetime occasion. After carefully planning every detail of your wedding for months⁠—or even years⁠—your entertainment should be the last thing you need to worry about when your big day finally arrives. It may…
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Philadelphia Wedding Bands in 5 Easy Steps

How to Choose a Philadelphia Wedding Band in 5 Easy Steps

There’s a ton to worry about when handling a wedding, including choosing the perfect wedding day entertainment. Once you’ve settled the infamous DJ vs. Band question, you might need help picking a Philadelphia wedding band. We’ve got the right questions you need to ask whenever you pick out your wedding band! Step 1: What Music…
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COVID-19 restrictions

PA Is Lifting the COVID-19 Restrictions – What It Means for Your Wedding

Finally, we have something to sing about! COVID-19 has been a massive problem for all of the world, but with the COVID-19 vaccination starting to get into more and more people, it has started becoming less of a problem. In Pennsylvania, starting on May 31st, 2021, most COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted. However, that doesn’t…
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average wedding band cost

What is the Average Wedding Band Cost?

Wedding & Party Advice
All couples planning a wedding have a budget that they have to stick to. Some budgets are big and others are small but every couple can have their dream wedding with some smart budget planning. One aspect of wedding planning that should not go neglected is wedding entertainment or music. Many people enjoy coming to…
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