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Top 10 Myths About Your Wedding Music Choices

Wedding & Party Bands

Most couples know that having good music at your wedding reception can make or break your night. However some people begin to worry about their decision when they hear some of the negative stereotypes placed on wedding music and what bands and DJs do. While some of those stereotypes may be based on truth, by choosing the right band o…

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Another Amazing Year – 2019 Recap

2019 was BVTLive’s best year ever, and we wanted to take a moment and thank you for your support as we head into a new year, and decade! From our musicians and clients to our most valued venue and catering professionals, we can’t do this without you. Our 2019 started out with Jellyroll performing at…
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Why A Live Wedding Band is Instrumental During the Reception

If you are in the middle of planning an upcoming wedding, you likely have started to consider what sort of entertainment to have at your wedding. You want something that compliments you and your partner’s personalities, while also making sure that your guests will also enjoy the performance. In other words, you want something that…
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Philadelphia Wedding Band Showcase – Important Questions to Ask When Attending

Many people find that attending a Philadelphia wedding band showcase is the best way to pick the perfect entertainment for their wedding. But choosing the right wedding band is more than just hearing the music. There are important questions you should ask: Is the band from the Philadelphia area? Philadelphia area doesn’t mean the company…
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