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Enhancements That Can Elevate Your Philadelphia Wedding Reception – BVTLive!

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Enhancements offer the perfect opportunity to elevate the ambiance of your wedding reception, creating a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests. At BVTLive! and On It Productions, we have an array of enhancements to choose from, each capable of transforming your Philadelphia wedding venue into something truly extraordinary. Let’s explore the different enhancements that can elevate your Philadelphia wedding reception below!

Lighting Enhancements for your Wedding Venue


Uplighting stands out as a frequent enhancement at wedding receptions, widely observed for its transformative effect. This technique involves strategically positioning custom-colored lights in your venue, casting their glow upwards. Beyond adding ambiance, these lights can sync with the music, entirely reshaping the dance floor experience for your guests.


Monograms offer a straightforward method to personalize and transform your venue space according to your preferences. These LED lights are projected onto a wall or the dance floor, allowing customization to reflect your initials, logo, or any other creative design of your choosing. By showcasing your newlywed initials or personalized symbol, this addition adds a unique touch to your wedding ambiance.


Ceiling and Wall Designs

Ceiling and wall designs offer an ideal method to completely transform the atmosphere of your venue space. Positioned typically behind your DJ or live wedding band, these lights aren’t merely decorative; they’re dynamic elements that can move and generate patterns in any color you desire, perfectly complementing your wedding aesthetic. Their versatility and ability to adapt to various themes and moods make ceiling and wall designs a standout choice for adding depth and character to your wedding venue, ensuring an unforgettable visual experience for you and your guests.

Ceiling and Wall Designs

Dance Floor Additions for your Wedding Venue

Dance Floor Lighting

Dance floor lighting serves as an enticing invitation for guests to join the celebration on the dance floor. Customizable to your preferred color, these lights sync with the music, creating an interactive atmosphere for you and your guests. With the capability of spotlighting, they accentuate your special dances, adding a touch of flair to your unforgettable moments.

Dancing on Clouds

Incorporating dancing on clouds into your first dance can truly elevate the experience. This enhancement involves a unique fog effect that hovers just below knee level, creating a beautiful atmosphere for your special moment. Not only does it provide a picturesque backdrop for your first dance photos, but it also adds an extra touch of magic to the occasion. This distinctive feature ensures that your first dance becomes an unforgettable highlight of your wedding, making it even more memorable for both you and your guests.

Dancing on Clouds Enhancement

Dance Floor Wash

Dance floor wash lighting offers a method to brighten and enhance the allure of your dance floor. Utilizing advanced lighting techniques, these lights evenly distribute soft ambient light, creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. With a wide range of colors to choose from, you have the flexibility to customize the lighting to match your desired aesthetic perfectly.

Dance Floor Wash

Stage Additions for your Wedding Venue

Light Rods

Light rods provide a subtle yet impactful enhancement to your venue space, often positioned discreetly behind your DJ or live Philadelphia wedding band. These versatile elements synchronize seamlessly with the beats of your songs and offer a spectrum of colors to complement your event’s atmosphere. Light rods are the perfect addition to your stage offering a touch of illumination without overwhelming the space.

Light Rods

DJ Furniture

DJ furniture serves as an excellent means to elevate the visual aesthetics of your DJ setup. With customizable options available, you can tailor the furniture to seamlessly match your wedding theme, whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a vibrant, colorful style. This flexibility empowers you to curate the appearance of your DJ area precisely as you envision it, adding an extra layer of sophistication and personalization to your wedding.

Stage Wash

Stage wash lighting offers a fantastic method to envelop the stage at your wedding in a seamless, radiant glow. This lighting not only enhances the experience for your guests but also provides a captivating ambiance for your live Philadelphia wedding band or DJ. With customizable options and an even distribution, stage wash lighting ensures that your stage is a standout visual centerpiece of your event.

Stage Wash

Photo Booths for your Philadelphia Wedding Reception

A photo booth is a timeless addition that can elevate the entertainment at your wedding reception. BVTLive! and On It Productions offers three different types: the “classic” photo booth, reminiscent of traditional setups; the “magic mirror” photo booth, an impressive five-foot mirror that serves as both a mirror and a photo booth; and the “glam mirror” photo booth, similar to the magic mirror but standing on a long pole and resembling a makeup mirror. Whichever type you choose, photo booths provide an interactive experience for your guests and leave them with cherished keepsakes from your special day.

Glam Mirror

Book your Philadelphia Wedding Enhancements Through BVTLive! and On It Productions

Enhancements are the perfect way to take your wedding to the next level. With many different options to choose from there is sure to be an enhancement that you love and can use to put the perfecting finishing touch on your wedding reception. Luckily, On It Productions has got you covered when it comes to enhancements.  Check out BVTLive!’s new sibling company, On It Productions wedding reception enhancements page to find your perfect one today!

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