Monograms are illuminated by LED display lights, positioned either on the dance floor or against the wall. The customization options for the monogram are limitless, allowing you to personalize it according to your preferences and styles.

What better to way personalize your wedding reception than by displaying a custom monogram? Monograms can be custom designed by couples with whatever their hearts desire! Our monograms are LED illuminated with display lights on either the dance floor or wall of the room.

A wedding monogram is a beautifully crafted lighting effect that showcases a personal touch to your wedding venue. Projected onto a wall or the dance floor, this elegant design can feature your intertwined initials, logo, or just about any creative you wish to see! This small detail can transform your wedding space into a more intimate and personalized setting.

Custom Monogram- Tailored to Your Love Story

Monograms for Weddings and Events - BVTLive!Every couple’s journey is unique, and your special day should be no different! Our custom monogram service offers endless possibilities for personalization. From classic script to modern designs, we work with you to create a monogram that captures the essence of your partnership. You can choose to include just your initials or add additional elements like your wedding date, a meaningful quote, or basic imagery.

Whether cast on the grand wall of your reception venue or illuminating the center of your dance floor, the monogram becomes a focal point of your celebration. It not only enhances the beauty of your venue but also serves as a stunning backdrop for photographs.

Our team of lighting experts ensures that your monogram is seamlessly integrated into your wedding’s overall design and theme. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to create a crisp, clear, and visually striking effect that complements your venue’s ambiance.

Custom Monogram - BVTLive! On It Productions

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A wedding monogram is more than just a lighting feature; it’s a signature of your special day. It adds a level of sophistication and personalization that elevates your celebration. Let your love shine in the most beautiful way with a custom wedding monogram.

Ready to add a touch of personalized elegance to your wedding day? Contact us to explore our custom monogram options and start crafting a visual representation of your love story. Let’s make your wedding uniquely yours!

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