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6 Specialty Performers That Will Make Your Philadelphia Wedding Reception Unique – BVTLive!

Having a specialty performer at your Philadelphia wedding reception is the perfect way to make your reception stand out. Specialty performers offer a unique and interactive experience for both you and your guests. Keep on reading to hear about all the specialty performers that BVTLive!’s sibling company On It Productions has to offer for your Philadelphia wedding reception.

Philadelphia Mummers for Your Philadelphia Wedding

The Mummers are a staple of Philly for the past 100+ years tracing back to the Revolutionary War. Our Mummer Event Performers play some of their traditional songs as well as typical Philadelphia “hype” songs such as the Eagles fight song to get your crowd going! The mummers are very interactive performers who create a lively and memorable atmosphere which is sure to give your guests the true Philadelphia experience. With their colorful outfits and exciting sounds, the Mummers are sure to add the perfect touch to your Philadelphia wedding.

Philadelphia Mummers

Themed Performers / Models Greeters & Dancers for Your Philadelphia Wedding

Themed performers and model greeters and dancers are a nice element to add to your Philadelphia wedding reception. They add an elegant touch of theatrical flair. They are perfect for any event, as they have custom costumes ensuring they match the theme of your wedding perfectly. Themed performers and models and greeters also make “wow” Instagrammable moments happen, perfect for memorable photo ops. The models and greeters can be stationed around your venues or strolling on through, the choice is yours!

Model Greeters

Philadelphia Champagne Skirt Greeters

Champagne skirt greeters are the hottest new trend in the Philadelphia wedding entertainment industry. Positioned front and center at the entryway of your venue, champagne skirt greeters immediately capture the attention of your guests while greeting them with a glass of champagne! The skirts can hold up to 100 glasses of champagne.  This is something that your guests have most likely never seen ensuring that it is something they will remember about your wedding day forever. And of course, nothing says welcome like a glass of champagne!

Champagne Skirt Greeter

Philadelphia Character Impersonators for your Philadelphia Wedding

Our Philadelphia character impersonators feature some of Philadelphia’s most iconic personalities, such as Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, and Rocky Balboa. Our impersonators can act as greeters, or they can walk around and interact with your guests.

Not only would having Philadelphia character impersonators be entertaining for both you and your guests but it can also be educational as well! Each character is full of knowledge about their historical period, culture, and information about their character, perfect if you have out of town guests traveling in to get the full Philly experience. This is an ideal touch to add to your wedding if you or your fiancée are history lovers!

Philadelphia Impersonator

Philadelphia Wedding Reception Juggler

If you are looking for a way to make your wedding stand out from any other wedding, then a juggler is the perfect specialty performer to have for your Philadelphia wedding. Having a juggler at your wedding is sure to captivate your guest’s attention with their mesmerizing skills. Our jugglers are masters of their crafts and can juggle a variety of items from pins to discs, rings to plates, and themed objects that match the vibe of your wedding.

Aerialists for Philadelphia Wedding Reception

Booking an aerialist for your Philadelphia wedding is another sure way to make your wedding reception stand out from others. There are two different types of aerialists, the most popular one being the lollipop lyras as they do not require any special rigging as they use a free-standing device. The second option is the hanging lyras which hang from the ceiling and are commonly recognized from Cirque Du Soleil events. These aerialists are highly trained athletes and perform in 20 minute increments for 60- 90 minutes. The aerialists are the perfect specialty performer if you want to add a unique, performative touch to your wedding.


Book Your Specialty Performer for Your Philadelphia Wedding Today

Everybody wants their wedding day to be special and memorable. Having a specialty performer is a great way to ensure your wedding is unforgettable for both you and your guests. On It Productions has all the specialty performers you need to make your special day even more memorable.

Philadelphia Mummers

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