Philadelphia Mummers for Events

Bring the lively tradition of Mummers to your event. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, and special celebrations in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Mummers for your Philadelphia Event!

The Mummers have become a staple of the Philadelphia area over the last 100 years, with roots tracing all the way back to the Revolutionary War. The city officially embraced the Mummers Day Parade at the turn of the 20th century, and now Philadelphians celebrate New Year’s Day with over 15,000 Mummers carrying on the beloved tradition. But did you know the Mummers could dance and play at more than just the parade?

Philadelphia Mummers Add the Philly ‘Wow’ Factor

Philadelphia Mummers bv BVTLive! and On It Productions

The Mummers will bring the ‘wow’ factor to any event, including:

Philadelphia Mummers for your Philadelphia Wedding

Mummers at the cescaphe ballroom
Mummers for events in Philadelphia
Mummers for weddings in philadelphia at the cescaphe ballroom by toni marie photo

Booking a group of Mummers through BVTLive! and On It Productions is an incredible, uniquely Philadelphia experience every Mummer lover will enjoy! Whether you’re planning the perfect Philly-themed wedding (and we’ve got some tips to help you there!) or looking for creative entertainment for corporate events, our Mummers are an exceptional choice to delight your guests and celebrate the traditions and soul of Philadelphia.

Why Choose Our Mummers:

  • Authentic Philadelphia Experience: Authentic Mummers performances that reflect the rich cultural heritage of the city.
  • Customizable Performances: Tailored to fit the theme and style of your event.
  • Interactive Entertainment: Engaging with audiences, ensuring a lively and memorable experience.
  • Professionalism and Passion: Our Mummers are not only skilled performers but also passionate about preserving and sharing their tradition.

Book the Philadelphia Mummers for Your Wedding or Event Today!

Philadelphia Mummers by BVTLive! and On It Productions

Looking to add some Mummer magic, and something quintessentially Philly to your wedding or event? Contact BVTLive! to book your Mummer experience today!