Champagne Skirt Greeters

Champagne Skirts are a new and upcoming event entertainment act that is an exciting and interactive way to grab your guests immediate attention as they enter your event! Champagne Skirt Greeters set the tone of your event with a fun and exciting vibe.

Champagne Skirt Greeters for your Philadelphia Events

Champagne Skirts are the hottest new trend taking over the event space. With a singular champagne skirt wearing event performer placed front and center at the entryway of your venue, you can immediately capture your partygoers attention whilst giving them a complimentary flute of champagne. This will make everlasting memories right at the start of your event for everyone who is attending!

Champagne Greeters for Weddings in Philadelphia

BVTLive! Philadelphia Champagne Skirt Greeter

How does it work? Champagne skirts are custom fashioned metal hoops which can hold up to 100 glasses of champagne. Our models are stationed in the skirt and will come dressed in a gorgeous dress that will be customized for your events theme and immediately grab your guests attention! Though heavy, there are well placed wheels that allow maximum flexibility and some basic movement  on flat surfaces for your performer to be able to interact.

Where to Use Champagne Skirt Greeters?

Champagne skirt greeters are the perfect addition to any Philadelphia Wedding or event. We have provided our event performer entertainment for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Greetings at wedding receptions
  • Greetings at balls or galas
  • Holiday Parties
  • Milestone life events
  •  Anniversaries
  • Birthday Parties

Adding that extra sparkle, and leaving lasting memories, to each event we’ve performed!

BVTLive! Philadelphia Champagne Skirt Greeters for Weddings and Events

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BVTLive! Champagne Skirt Greeters and interactive live performers

Nothing says welcome to your guests like a complimentary glass of champagne! Create those noteworthy, memorable moments for your event and Contact BVTLive! Today for all champagne skirt and interactive live performer needs!