Philadelphia Character Impersonators

Philadelphia character impersonators are a great opportunity to bring something uniquely Philly to your event, and impress your guests with their entertainment, education, and interactivity. Click to learn more!

Philadelphia Character Impersonators: Elevate your Event with BVTLive!

Our Character impersonators are a perfect way to add something uniquely Philly to your next event! Philadelphia character impersonators are the perfect additions for galas, corporate events, conventions, conferences, and birthday parties. Featuring some of Philadelphia’s most iconic characters, our impersonators will interact with your guests, act as greeters, and elevate your next themed event!

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    BVTLive! Philadelphia Character Impersonators:

    Below are some of our favorite Philadelphia impersonators who have been at hundreds of Philadelphia weddings. Conventions,  and corporate events!

    Benjamin Franklin Impersonator

    Philadelphia Ben Franklin Impersonator  Benjamin Franklin Impersonator by On It PRoductions  Ben Franklin Impersonator for Wedding

    As one of our countries founding fathers and the man who portraits the $100 bill, this iconic Philadelphian is one of our most requested specialty event performers. With his signature look and accent Ben Franklin is sure to entertain your guests, particularly the out-of-towners who want something unique to Philadelphia’s history!

    Betsy Ross Impersonator

    This Philadelphia figure who is known for making our America’s first flag can be available for your next event. Our Betsy Ross impersonator adds a special flare to any themed function where she will interact with guests, bring flags, and educate on the history of the American Revolution.

    Rocky Balboa Impersonator

    Rocky Balboa Philly impersonator      Rocky Balboa Impersonator     Rocky impersonator- On It Productions

    Rocky is a Cinematic Classic that is forever tied to the city of Philadelphia. Rocky Balboa is one of Philadelphia’s most beloved characters and he’s sure to get your guests pumped up. In his authentic leather jacket and hat, Rocky will interact with your guests and get them in the Philly mood! As one of Philadelphia’s most iconic celebrity figures, choose a Rocky impersonator to  bring a uniquely Philadelphia touch to your day.

    Why Book a Philadelphia Character Impersonator for your Event?

    Entertainment: BVTLive’s impersonators are professional entertainers who are lively and interactive. They are sure to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the duration of your event, while adding a uniquely Philly touch.

    Education: If you are looking to add unique interactive stations at your function, our Philadelphia impersonators can also be educational. They are equipped with the knowledge of their historical period, culture, and topics that relate to their character.

    Fun: Our impersonators are fun! If you are hosting an event based in the Philadelphia region, our costumed event performers are a fun way to add a touch of excitement to everyone’s day.

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