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wedding reception entrance ideas
After wedding vows and rings have been exchanged, guests patiently wait for the entrance of the bride and groom to make their very first appearance together as Mr. and Mrs. Not only is this a special moment for the bride and groom, but for all of the wedding guests as well. Throughout the years, couples have gone over the top with grand entrances to their wedding reception. There are ways to make your entrance unforgettable yet traditional, and even in your budget, all at the same time. There are a few small modifications a couple can do in order to make their entrance more memorable without going overboard. Spotlight on You! Dimming the lights throughout a reception area, creating a spotlight effect only on the bride and groom makes sure that all eyes are on the newlyweds. The light leads the couple to their seat, or even right on to...
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Original article published on LinkedIn Squeals. Feedback. Piercing volume. Bad acoustics can cause headaches – literally and figuratively – at even the finest celebrations. How can you ensure the best sound quality at your next event? Here’s what I’ve learned in my 25+ years in the music industry: Know where to seat people. Contrary to popular opinion, the best seats in the house aren’t always in the front. Do you want your VIPs just a couple feet from the loudspeakers? If you can, seat younger folks closer to the stage, as they tend to appreciate loud music the most. Insist on sound checks. This may seem obvious, but most bands skip this step. Ask your band to arrive early to check for feedback and other undesirable sound effects. (Our band automatically performs sound checks 1.5 hours before cocktails.) Mind the mics. The keynote speakers and the band should use separate...
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How To Choose A Wedding DJ
Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. From “will you?” to “I do,” you will be making decisions that will shape how your big day will turn out. You might find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Scratch that; you WILL be overwhelmed. However, one decision that truly should be an enjoyable one to make is your decision on wedding entertainment. When you feel anxious, take a breath and start looking at your entertainment options. Often times when planning, tasks get divided in the name of efficiency. In this case, it can be more fun to do this one together! Choosing entertainment can be one of the more pleasant things to do with your soon-to-be-spouse. As you attend live showcases, or just watch videos online together, you will find yourselves coming together. When it comes to choosing between a live band or a DJ, you might...
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  With the birth of swing music in the 1930s and its rise through the 1940s, Bandleaders such as Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, and Count Basie were household names. Dancing the Foxtrot and Twostep to the elegant sounds of big band music was the societal norm. 2015 marks the centennial birthday of one of the greatest performers of all time, also grouped into the swing category, Frank Sinatra.This musical style that was once all the rage is now considered a thing of the past; or is it? Sinatra's top hits, for example, have become standards, and are still among the most requested songs at any event. His sound influences many of today's most popular artists. What does this mean for your event? While searching for your perfect dance band, be sure to consider a few things. Though this is your event, keep your guests in mind. The most successful dance bands...
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Why Your Wedding and Event Professional is More Than a Vendor
  In planning a wedding, gala or other special event, you should look for the most professional band, caterer, designer, photographer, videographer and others. Look at reviews, scan websites and most of all, ask for referrals. You will find that the best refer the best for many reasons, including the fact that these professionals are easy to work with, and have your best interest in mind. A truly professional partner will initiate a two way conversation, consulting with you to help you reach your vision and goal. Where a vendor will follow your lead, and take your order, a professional partner will guide you through the process, offering ideas to help you attain your goal. Weddings and other social events have many moving parts, and multiple professionals involved. Often, there is a wedding or event planner as the point person, coordinating and creating timelines. etc. While a good planner may have...
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