Building Your Own Personal Wedding Soundtrack

Wedding & Party Bands

​One of the coolest parts about a wedding is that you can have as many as four generations attending your big day. This is fun but can also make it difficult to balance out the music so that everyone is happy. We are here to help you decide what is best to keep all your guests on the dance floor!

No matter which BVTLive band or DJ you choose, each one has their own extensive song list ranging in styles and from several different generations that they have perfected for their performances. It is important to keep in mind that you will not be able to choose every song on a band or DJs list. The order your songs are played should be entrusted in your band leader or DJ because they have the experience in knowing how to keep the flow and party going! The range in music on your band or DJs song list will make it easier to satisfy all of your guests and help guide you in the right direction to your personal song list. If you are struggling to choose what is best for your event, the band leader or DJ is here to help you every step of the way to ensure that you are satisfied with the music played at your event. In addition, trust your band leader, or DJ. You chose them for a reason right? If you are a little more lenient with what is played, have a good conversation with your band leader or DJ to let them know what type of music is important to you, and let them put together the set list for the evening. A true professional will know what songs will flow well together and keep all of your guests on the dance floor! Even though each band has a song list, they are always willing to learn your special dance songs, and depending on how close your wedding date is they will learn a few others that aren’t on their list!


​If you are having trouble choosing your special songs, BVTLive publishes a monthly “Top Requested Wedding Songs” blog post. This can be very beneficial if you are struggling with choosing your first dance, introfather/daughter, and mother/son dances! We always want to ensure that your list includes as many of the songs that you want. Be sure to create a “Do Not Pay” list if you have any. Our band leaders and DJs will never force you to have a song played at your wedding that you don’t like. Their main concern is your happiness! The song lists are there as a guide to help you in your decision.

​Once you choose your band or DJ, you can create your own complete list. When it comes to a band you can create an account using their corresponding page on our site and then you will get a confirmation email. The link in your email will take you to your account where you will have full control over creating and managing your list!

​All of our bands and DJs are equipped to make sure that your song list is as versatile as you want it to be! From Elvis Presley to Ariana Grande and everything in between, BVTLive‘s bands and DJs are some of the best in the Philadelphia Region, and will make sure that your entire party can’t get enough of the music. They’ll have your grandparents dancing to Pitbull and your younger cousins dancing to Nat King Cole. You cannot go wrong with any of our bands especially when it comes to music choices!

Intern, Jenny Larkin with BVTLive! President, Kurt Titchenel, and Cescaphe Director of Marketing, Kate Miller
Blog Contributed by: Nils Mossblad

Guided by his experience as the bandleader of Philadelphia’s top band, Jellyroll, and President of BVTLive!, Kurt Titchenell has kept dance floors packed and created unforgettable memories for thousands of events nationwide! Widely acclaimed as an entertainment expert, Kurt and BVTLive! have earned the most prestigious accolades in the industry. Most notably were two Jellyroll performances at The White House. Kurt's dedication to the success of every event is evident through his passion for creating the ultimate party experience. As President of BVTLive!, Kurt is committed to making your event a success.