5 ways to include your dog in your wedding

5 Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

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Our pets often feel like family. We feed them, take care of them, and shower them with adoration. If you’re a pet owner planning your wedding, you may want to add your furry best friend into the wedding day activities in some capacity, and you wouldn’t be the first! There are any number of ways to incorporate your pets in your wedding; the limit is only as far as your imagination will take you. Here are some ideas for those wedding-planning pet enthusiasts that we give four paws up!

5 ways to include your dog in your wedding by BVTLive! Philadelphia Wedding Bands and Live Entertainment

Wedding Portraits with Your Pups

Letting your pet accompany you during your wedding portrait shoot is a wonderful way to involve them in your wedding day. Your wedding portraits commemorate your love for your partner on one of the most special days of your life, so including your beloved pet will add even more love! If your pet doesn’t mind, dress them up in a fancy bowtie, a tuxedo-patterned bandana, or something similar so they can match the rest of the bridal party!

#WeddingProTip: Double check with your venue or your portrait location to make sure pets are allowed before your big day. You wouldn’t want to find out at the last minute that Max can’t join you in your photo shoot!

How to include your dog in your wedding day by BVTLive!

A Toast to the Good Boys and Girls!

If you’re looking to include your dog in your wedding festivities, but aren’t keen on the possible stress of having them physically present on your wedding day, consider naming your signature drinks after them! This clever idea not only allows you to incorporate your love for your pet in your special dat, but it will also give you a wonderful opportunity to unleash your creativity (no pun intended) as you and your partner choose drinks to fit your pet’s unique personality. Another alternative: add your pet’s picture to your drink stirrers for a slightly more subtle tribute!

How to Include your dog in your wedding by BVTLive! Philadelphia Wedding Bands and Live Entertainment

Man’s Best… Ice Sculptures!

Having an ice sculpture at your wedding cocktail hour or reception has become popular. More often, the sculpture will feature the newlyweds’ married names, or sometimes an homage to how they met (like their university’s logo). An ice sculpture of your four-legged friend, however, is sure to set your cocktail hour apart from the rest! Crafted by expert hands, that adorable furry face will wow your wedding guests and watch over your special day just as proudly as the real thing.

5 ways to include your dog in your wedding- dog ice sculpture

Doggie Decorations & Favors

Another, more subtle way of paying tribute to your pets can be through small details within your decorations. If an ice sculpture isn’t your style, you could get custom cocktail napkins with your pet on them or include a framed picture of your pet somewhere within your venue. Wedding favors are also a fun option for including your pet in your special day. A themed koozie, for example, complete with your pet’s likeness, can keep the party going and the love pouring for your furry best friend!

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This Takes the Cake!

Wedding cakes come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. For the proud pet owner, adding a miniature version of your Rover to your wedding cake is a creative way to incorporate your dog in your wedding. They’ll stand guard over your cake, protecting it from sneaky hands until it’s time for your cake cutting ceremony. Those who want a more humorous approach to this idea could position their mini pet to look like they’ve taken a bite out of the cake – exactly like the real one would if given the chance!

Dog sculpture on your wedding cake- BVTLive!
BVTLive! Philly Wedding Bands Blog- How to incorporate your dog in your wedding

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For so many, pets become more than just the little buddy who lives in your house. They become members of the family. It’s only natural to want to include your dog in your wedding, and your four-legged friends on a day you’ll remember forever.

How to incorporate your pet in your wedding

At BVTLive!, we love seeing how couples incorporate their pets into the celebration of their devotion to each other, and we want to be part of that celebration. If you’re planning a wedding and looking for the best wedding entertainment in the Philadelphia region, come visit a live wedding band showcase to hear our amazing Philadelphia wedding bands or contact us to learn more about all that BVTLive! has to offer.

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