Production and Event Enhancements

BVTLive! Production and Event Enhancements for bands and DJs!

Dynamic Band Lighting Enhancements

Our band lighting enhancement packages are the perfect way to bring the energy and elegance of your event to the next level! The package includes stage wash lights, intelligent dance floors lights, LED Rods, Marquee Letters and Ceiling and Wall Designs all customized for your special day!

Once dancing starts, lighting is custom programmed to each song. Note how much the lighting impacts and amplifies the dance floor, creating a vibrant environment for the the guests to enjoy their time!

Dynamic DJ Lighting Enhancements

Our DJ Lighting Enhancements is custom programmed  lighting personalized for your event needs! Lighting is synced up with your music to provide an enhanced lighting during the reception to enhance the energy on the dance floor. It can be positioned as 2,4, or 6 totems on either side of the DJ set up. DJ Enhancements also include spotlights and ceiling and wall designs!


Looking for that wow-factor to help make your party stand out? We have what you need with up-lighting! Wireless intelligent up-lighting can be set to a custom color and/or synched to music.

This is a phenomenal way to enhance the mood and aesthetic of your party! Many experts claim up-lighting to be an integral solution to the overall lighting design that will emphasize your décor. We provide our couples with up-lighting often – as this is one of our most common enhancements!

Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting

Want to turn your dancefloor into an extravagant display of light? Intelligent dance floor lighting is for you! Intelligent lighting can be positioned on two totems on either side of the DJ set up. This provides an enhanced dance floor lighting experience with spotlight abilities for special moments like your first dance. This can also provide special wall designs throughout your night. It can synch with music to provide enhanced mobile lighting during reception.


What better to way personalize your wedding reception than by displaying a custom monogram? Monograms can be custom designed by couples with whatever their hearts desire! Our monograms are LED illuminated with display lights on either the dance floor or wall of the room.

DJ Furniture

While all of our BVTLive! DJs provide a high-level aesthetic and appeal, our DJs’ set up can be enhanced with custom DJ furniture that takes their elegance to the next level.

DJ Fusion

THIS is the hottest trend in the wedding entertainment world right now – DJ Fusion! Can’t decide if you want a live DJ mix all of your favorite songs, or the unparalleled elegance of live music such as horns, drums, or even vocals? Why not have both?

Photo Booths

CLICK HERE to preview our three luxury Photo Booth Options