BVTLive! Philadelphia Wedding DJ vs Philadelphia Wedding Band

6 Reasons Why a Live Wedding DJ May be More Appropriate than a Live Wedding Band

If you and your spouse-to-be are music lovers, choosing the right wedding music can be the most fun part of planning your wedding, but also the most difficult aspect. The choice really comes down to choosing a live wedding band or a wedding DJ! While there are pros and cons to both, wedding DJs are going to offer a little bit more flexibility with music choice than a live band, and they will also help DJ and MC the entire evening, not just play music.

Here are 6 reasons why a live wedding DJ might be a better option on your wedding day than a live wedding band.

1. A Wedding DJ Will Take the Stress Away

Wedding DJ services will include planning every aspect of musical entertainment at your wedding. You can be completely hands off and let your wedding DJ take the reins while you enjoy your wedding night and mingle with your guests.

Not only will the DJ spin tunes, but they will also help add structure to the reception – introducing the wedding party, deciding when to cut the cake, manage speeches and even act as the MC.

DJs know how to read a room. They know when to up the tempo of the dance music, when to slow it down, and when to engage with the audience. Hiring a DJ gives you peace of mind to relax all night long.

2. A Wedding DJ Plays the Songs You Know

When hiring a wedding DJ, you can tell him/her pretty specifically what songs you want to be played, and rely on them to play those exact songs. You can also make sure the DJ does not play songs you don’t want. Maybe you hate line dances, you can make sure that those songs are not played!

DJs have access to thousands of songs. You can sit with them in a meeting before your wedding and help narrow down a set list. While a band may have a limit on the number of songs that they will learn for you in a wedding night, a DJ is going to be able to access it within seconds. If you like some out of the box music, talk to your DJ – he probably will have no problem mixing in your taste with a traditional wedding blend of music.

3. You’ll Get a Great Variety of Wedding Party Music

A DJ can play the widest variety of songs imaginable. While some wedding bands have an extremely wide range of songs, some can be limited in the songs they already cover. With a good wedding band, you will be provided with a song list of tunes they already know and you will be able to create your own playlist based on that, while with a DJ their selection of songs is limitless!

Wedding DJs know what to play, and they will play everything from wedding classics like Sweet Caroline, to your favorite songs no matter the genre, to the right blend of slow and fast dancing songs. Wedding DJs can control the tempo of the dance floor and react accordingly. High quality wedding bands will also read the crowd and adjust their set list on the fly the same way a DJ does, but many wedding bands will be restricted by the set list they put together ahead of time.

4. You Can Make DJ Music Requests

With a DJ, you can make more requests live at the wedding than with a band. Maybe you went through wedding planning and made a bunch of requests to your DJ, but then on your wedding night you realize you forgot a song that you must listen to! It’s your wedding, you should be able to make changes on the fly. A band is not quite as flexible, and while they may be able to accommodate some requests night of, they cannot adapt as well to a last-minute song request, whereas a good wedding DJ has access to thousands of songs at his/her fingertips.

#WeddingProTip: BVTLive! Bands will act as wedding DJs during their set breaks, playing any favorites you or your guests have requested!

Your guests can also probably make some requests. While wedding DJ’s don’t want to do requests all night long, the occasional request for a song should be accommodated. Whereas, a band is going to stick to the set list you discussed with them, providing a little less flexibility.

5. Options for Wedding Themed Music

Are you having a non-traditional wedding? Maybe you love Halloween and want to have a Halloween themed wedding, or you are getting married at a unique location and want the playlist to reflect that. DJs can tailor their music selections to a non-traditional wedding! With the technology DJs have access to they can tap into a world of music that most bands just do not have access to. Bands must learn and practice how to play songs, so each song takes time to master and a full night of themes music may be a difficult task. Whereas DJs can access just about any type of music you want to play.

Along these lines, you can also be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want with your DJ. If you want to create most of the set list, you can usually do so. However, if you have your hands full with all of the other wedding preparations on your plate, the DJ can handle it all for you. With a conversation to tell the DJ what you like and don’t like, he can carefully craft the perfect set list to play for your wedding.

6. Wedding DJ Costs are Typically Less

There’s no question about it – having a full, live band at your wedding reception is one of the most amazing things a bride and groom can do for their guests. Nothing beats the power of live musicians playing your favorite songs.

Live wedding bands are often more expensive than a wedding DJ, simply based on the fact that a band consists of multiple musicians and more equipment and a DJ is usually one person. If you are looking at a limited budget for your wedding reception, a wedding DJ is a great solution for having a great party your guests will enjoy.

Enjoy your Wedding Night with a Wedding DJ

Hiring a wedding DJ is a great way to let your focus be elsewhere. Letting the DJ take control of the music, the cake cutting ceremony introductions, and a lot of other aspects is a great way for you to enjoy the reception without stress. Plus, you know the music played will be quality as it is the original versions that you are used to. Find a trusted wedding DJ, and focus your wedding planning on other areas. Then, on your wedding night, dance the night away to all of your pre-selected favorite songs!

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