Behind the Scenes: What Goes Into Planning Your Wedding at BVTLive?

Wedding & Party Bands

Your big day has arrived! The ceremony is over and the reception starts. BVTLive has provided your wedding entertainment and the dance floor is packed! You don’t want the night to end because everything is perfect! But who made this all possible? The staff at BVTLive works countless hours to make sure that your wedding entertainment is exactly what you want! Let’s take a journey with the BVTLive team to see what all goes into planning your wedding entertainment!


It’s early in the morning and the office is already alive and hard at work. On average, each team member will spend 8, up to even 12 hours in the office per day, and it’s all for you! Kurt Titchenell, President and Founder of BVTLive, and bandleader of Jellyroll says that the key to the company’s success is the efficiency and time management that everyone works with. Without this, the company would never be as successful as it is today. As the phones are ringing and emails are coming in, each member of the team is in continuous communication with clients, new and old; all working towards a common goal – making your big day one to remember!


As your wedding approaches, you receive a wedding worksheet that outlines every detail of your day. They are completed and returned to the office daily and the team is immediately on top of filing all of the details and sending them to your bandleader to start planning! Each day the team is receiving reviews, pictures, and videos from all of the amazing memories they helped create at events from the weekends before. The BVTLive team gets right on saving everything and even sharing the best memories on the website and their social media pages (Facebook, Instagram)! Hours are spent recording, organizing and editing live video of the BVTLive bands to ensure that even if you aren’t able to attend a BVTLive dance band showcase, you can still watch a live performance from the comfort of your home. Each team member has agreed that the most rewarding part of working in this company is watching dreams come true from the work that they have done in the office.


Throughout your planning process, BVTLive will be involved and by your side the entire time. Kurt says that only great people work for this company – people that will be interested in every detail of your special day to ensure its perfection. They will handle your contract and itinerary, then your bandleader will even help you put together your own personal song list that is bound to keep the party going all night. From emailing back and forth with an office employee to meeting directly with your bandleader, by the time your day arrives, you will have no doubt that your night is going to be everything you could imagine and more.


​BVTLive represents 11 bands that stand apart from all other bands in the Philadelphia area. Renee, BVTLive’s office manager, says that each individual band has its own personality and is a set group of musicians that don’t switch groups. Kurt decided to start BVTLive because of his role in Jellyroll and his love of music. He took the formula that led to Jellyroll’s success and applied it to other bands with great musicians who care more and work harder than anyone he knows. Because of these outstanding groups that BVTLive represents, the company has an impeccable reputation.


​BVTLive is a smaller, boutique company. However, they are very successful in what they do. Nils, one of BVTLive’s lead sales representatives, says that the special thing about BVTLive is the approach to their work. Despite being small, their hard work and reputation has allowed them to work at some of the biggest events such as the Congressional Ball at the White House and multiple parties at the Democratic National Convention! Because of their size, they have become a family – making work all the more worth going to.


BVTLive’s dedication to every event they work for is remarkable and their years of experience in the field put the company far above the rest. If you’re in the market for wedding or event entertainment, you won’t regret choosing BVTLive! Contact BVTLive today.

Nils is an active musician and businessman in the Philadelphia area. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in Jazz Studies on Saxophone, he returned to the east coast and began his employment at BVTLive! He is currently the Marketing Director, and an Event Specialist at BVTLive and the Saxophone player and horn section leader in the band Big Ric Rising. With hundreds of wedding performances under his belt, Nils continues to freelance on both saxophone and voice, working very much in the artistic world as well as the wedding and special event industry.