Philadelphia Wedding Trends – Should I Have a Simple Wedding or Go All Out For My Big Day?

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Philadelphia wedding trends change from year to year. Many people dream of their wedding day from when they are just a little kid. It is an exciting time in your life when you decide to tie the knot and it can be overwhelming at times while planning your big day. One major decision you have to make is whether you want to have a small intimate wedding or a huge blow-out for your big day. There are a few things to keep in mind while you are trying to decide the size of the wedding you are going to have; know your style and stay true to it, forget any of the misconceptions you have heard about small or big weddings, and remember this is YOUR big day!

Philadelphia Wedding Trends

What is your style?

2019 was a big year for celebrity weddings and that gifted us with a lot of wedding trends and inspiration. Trends and inspirations can help you decide whether you want a small and intimate wedding like Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma or a big all-out wedding like Marc Jacobs and Char Defrancesco. Of course, these are high profile weddings on a global level, but even for a local wedding in the Philadelphia area, some things you have to consider remain the same – like deciding the size of your wedding, are how many people you should invite, the venue, the music and entertainment, the food, and the décor.

If you are anything like Hilary and Matthew, you might want to limit your guest list to those closest to you. Having a small guest list may be ideal for you and your future spouse for your big day. They had a small intimate, backyard wedding. Keeping the guest list small means that you can have a wide variety of venues to host your wedding. You can have an intimate reception at your house, a restaurant, or at an Inn/Hotel. There are lots of beautiful intimate venues located in and around Philadelphia.

If you love to keep things simple yet full of detail, an intimate wedding might be for you! Having a small intimate gathering is a Philadelphia wedding trend that gives you the chance to pay more attention to detail and add more of your personal touch. You can add more detail to your floral arrangements and make them more personalized to your taste. When you need 3 centerpieces vs 50, you are able to add more detail and make them exactly how you want them. You can also create your own menus and name cards as well as decorate your venue just how you like.

If a small intimate wedding just isn’t “big” enough, maybe a huge wedding like Marc Jacobs and Char Defrancesco’s wedding is more your style. If you have a big family and friend group, you might have a guest list with as many as 300-400 people (Marc and Char had over 700 guests!)! Some find it hard to leave people out and want to celebrate with all of the loved ones in their life. A big guest list also allows you to find a venue big enough to fit everyone. Larger venues in the Philadelphia area are perfect for a big guest list.

Keeping your guests entertained is something you must keep in mind whether your guest list is big or small. The right music is key. A great way for you to host your loved ones and have a night full of celebration is with one of our top Philadelphia wedding bands or top Philadelphia wedding DJs. At BVTLive, excellence in entertainment is our motto!

Expense Misconception

When you are planning your wedding you will most likely hear a lot of opinions and ideas that people suggest to you. Philadelphia wedding trends change all the time so unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions that are passed around. You may have to do some research to find what is really right for you.

If you plan on having an intimate wedding but are worried by the misconception that small weddings cannot be extravagant, that is far from the truth! One thing about having a small intimate guest list is that you are able to save money on the guests and the venue which leaves you with some extra to spend on other expenses such as music, food, and entertainment. As mentioned before, entertainment is a major factor for any size wedding. An intimate wedding still needs music and a great way to provide that is with a smaller Philadelphia wedding band, a DJ Fusion, or a DJ Blend. You can have musical entertainment that plays today’s hits, smooth jazz, rock and pop classics, or a mix of it all. No matter what your taste, BVTLive! has an option to fit your needs and make your wedding unforgettable.

It has also been said that an all-out wedding means you will need to spend more money. Weddings are expensive, but there are ways to keep your big day within your budget. If you strategize and organize a budget-friendly list of wedding ideas and plans, then you can manage to get the best bang for your buck. Setting a price range for how much money you want to spend on details such as flowers and centerpieces will help you strategize how much to spend on other aspects such as music and entertainment. Prioritize what is most important for you to have at your wedding and then plan out the rest from there.

When choosing live music for your wedding, consider the size of the band. For a smaller, intimate wedding, look for a smaller band to perform. If you’re having your wedding at a larger venue you could get a larger group. Our Philadelphia wedding band prices range from $4,500 to $15,000 depending on the size, so create your budget around how much your entertainment is worth to you.

Don’t Forget; It’s All About You!

If you are in or around the Philadelphia area, then the current Philadelphia wedding trends are sure to influence you, but in the end, your wedding day is all about you, your future spouse and celebrating your union with loved ones. If you want to have an intimate wedding with a few of your closest loved ones, then go for it! If you want to go all out and celebrate with 300-400 of your closest friends and family, do it! It is your big day. Do what makes you happy. There are plenty of options to get your “dream wedding” no matter how many guests you have. Whatever you decide, it will be a day you cherish and remember forever. For help picking the perfect wedding entertainment, call us now at (610) 358-9010 or register for our award-winning live band showcase. Our experienced team of professional event consultants are standing by to help.

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