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Top 10 Myths About Your Wedding Music Choices

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Most couples know that having good music at your wedding reception can make or break your night. However, some people begin to worry about their decision when they hear some of the negative stereotypes placed on wedding music and what Bands and DJs do. While some of those stereotypes may be based on truth, by choosing the right band or DJ, you have nothing to worry about. The right band or DJ can make a huge difference to your event, and impeccable music selection will ensure that you and your guests will have a wonderful time on your special day. With that being said, here are ten common misconceptions of wedding bands and DJs that we’ve set out to debunk!

Myth #1: You Can Have a Band or a DJ, But Not Both

One of the biggest decisions couples have to make when planning their wedding is whether to have a Band or DJ perform. However, many Bands and DJ’s are actually quite flexible and the popular new trend in the wedding entertainment industry is to have a combination of entertainment such as a Band and DJ switching back and forth, DJ fusion, where a DJ plays with musicians, or a blend with a string quartet or harp player for the ceremony, a jazz band for your cocktail hour and a DJ at the reception. You could even have a swing band for dinner and a DJ for your reception. There are so many amazing ways to include live and recorded music. A mix of the two can actually complement each other very well!


Myth #2: Live Bands Will Take A Lot of Breaks

Actually, bands usually take one break during dinner so they can eat. During this break, the band can play recorded music during your meal. However, there is also the option for the band to play continuous live music, in which case the band would have a few members play for dinner (ex. pianist and bass player). This would allow live music to be played during the entire reception and is very common. Although a band will generally take one break, if that doesn’t work for you then the band can accommodate.

Myth #3: A DJ Will Talk Too Much

Almost every person has attended a wedding or event where the DJ rambled on all night. This is why it is important to choose an experienced DJ. The truth is, every event is different, and a skilled DJ will follow what is asked of him or her. The DJ is there to act as a guide throughout your wedding so they will need to make some announcements. The key to avoiding a DJ that talks too much is to communicate what you’re looking for. If you’re nervous that your DJ might ramble, send him examples (ex. videos from YouTube) of what you find appropriate or inappropriate. A professional DJ will be able to accommodate and anticipate your needs and the audience’s needs as well.

Myth #4: Bands Only Play Stereotypical Music

Experienced wedding bands offer a wide range of music. If a group has more than one singer, such as both male and female vocalists, it is an indication they are musically versatile. The more vocalists, the more likely the band is open to a vast range of songs. Even if a band happens to specialize in a specific genre, an experienced and professional band will be able to stray away if instructed. Experienced bands will have a song list of 200 – 450 + songs that span the decades. A professional band will also always learn all of your special dance songs. In addition, if you have your heart set on some other specific songs outside of a band’s usual playlist, most bands will learn a few of them for you if given enough notice.

Myth #5: A Friend Can DJ for You

Hiring a friend for your wedding entertainment can create a problematic situation. It can be difficult to be the boss while dealing with a close friend, and your friend doesn’t get to enjoy your special day. More importantly, even if your friend is a very skilled DJ, a wedding is very different from a club and it takes a different skill set to run a wedding. Weddings draw a wide variety of guests that vary in ages and what might be acceptable at a club may not be appropriate for a wedding. In addition, it takes years of experience and knowledge to know how to MC and run the flow of a wedding. Hiring an experienced wedding DJ will guarantee you a smooth unforgettable event.

Myth #7: You Can Control Everything

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life. However, you can’t and don’t need to control everything. It is important to choose the right team of wedding professionals so you don’t have to worry. When it comes to the music, highlight your most important do’s and don’ts. You will have the ability to make song playlists, however, choose the right Band or DJ so that you can trust their choices and experience to allow them the flexibility to read the crowd.

Myth #8: “I Don’t Want My DJ to Take Requests”

​This is completely up to the couple. However, it is important to communicate with your DJ about how you would like requests to be handled. You could tell the DJ to not play any requests or create a “Do Not Play” list that they could use as a guide. You could also have the DJ check with you before playing a request.

Myth #9: Bands Love Line Dances

Contrary to popular belief, bands don’t love line dances. The days of the electric slide are gone. For the most part, bands don’t integrate line dances into their performance unless specifically requested. In fact, the majority of our couples list line dances on their do not play list. Still, it’s best to see the band live before signing on so you know exactly what to expect, such as the lack of line dances. At BVTLive, we have free showcases featuring multiple bands so that couples can get a taste of what we have to offer. Line dances may have gone out of style, but an entertaining night out doesn’t have too!

Myth #10: The Entertainment Only Shows Up to Play Music

In general, you hire your wedding entertainment to show up and play music. However, there is much more than just feeling out the crowd and packing the dance floor. There are a number of responsibilities your band or DJ will handle throughout your event to make the night a success all while entertaining your wedding guests. Professional bands or DJ’s will work with your venue and other professionals as well as direct guests throughout the night, handle formal announcements and work with the other wedding vendors in order to achieve a smoothly run event.

There is definitely a lot to consider when booking your wedding entertainment, but don’t let the common misconceptions scare you away. Though some may be a bit more obvious than others, a lot can be overlooked as newly engaged couples begin to prepare for their big day. You can rest easy knowing that none of these misconceptions are true. Whether you’re hiring a band, DJ, or both, the right band or DJ will provide your wedding day with a personal touch, and memories to last a lifetime.

Guided by his experience as the bandleader of Philadelphia’s top band, Jellyroll, and President of BVTLive!, Kurt Titchenell has kept dance floors packed and created unforgettable memories for thousands of events nationwide! Widely acclaimed as an entertainment expert, Kurt and BVTLive! have earned the most prestigious accolades in the industry. Most notably were two Jellyroll performances at The White House. Kurt's dedication to the success of every event is evident through his passion for creating the ultimate party experience. As President of BVTLive!, Kurt is committed to making your event a success.