Tips for the Best Man – Duties and Responsibilities

I’m the Best Man – Do You Have Any Tips?

You’ve been asked by your brother, cousin, or friend to be the best man at his wedding. The best man title comes with duties and responsibilities.  Most guys may not know what to expect, but have no fear. This article has great tips for the best man.

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As the best man you are basically the groom’s helper and the Captain of the groomsmen.  You will have responsibilities leading up to the wedding, on the wedding day, and after the wedding. Let’s take a look at what you should be expecting in the months and days before the wedding.

The Bachelor Party – The first thing that any best man knows he has to do is to plan the bachelor party.  I am sure you have seen movies and heard stories of wild and crazy bachelor parties. Slow your roll. It is important to first ask the groom if he has anything he may want to do. He might want to keep it low key or he might want to take a red eye to Vegas and party the night away. Either way, ask him first and always make sure you bring him back in one piece or you could have an angry bride to deal with.

Formal Wear and Wedding Attire – As the best man you are responsible for helping the groom get his formal wear for the wedding.  Coordinating with the other groomsmen and making sure they all get fitted and have matching attire falls under your responsibility as well.

Arrange Housing for Out of Town Groomsmen – If there are any groomsmen who have to travel into town for the wedding, make sure they have a place to stay.  It can be a hotel or it can be your own home.  Just communicate with them and make sure everyone gets there.

Coordinate a Gift for the Groom – Get together with the groomsmen and plan a gift for all of you to get for the groom.  Present the gift before or during the wedding reception and make sure it’s tasteful.

Provide Support for the Groom – Getting married can be a stressful time. The groom may have a lot on his mind. He may even have a lot of emotions he didn’t know he would have.  When this happens, be an open ear. Listen, provide sound advice, and help calm is nerves whenever he seems overwhelmed.

Attend the rehearsal dinner – As the best man you should attend the rehearsal dinner. This is usually just for close family and friends so be on your best behavior.  Be prepared to meet any family members of the bride or groom that you may not have met yet.

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The big day has finally arrived.  What you are supposed to do now?  Here are tips for the best man on the wedding day:

Time manager  Make sure everyone is on time. As well as being on time, make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. Keep an eye on the clock and

Ring keeper As the best man you will be holding on to the wedding rings for safe keeping, so double check your pockets for holes. Don’t fumble the ring.

Welcome Party Help welcome guests to the wedding. Shake hands and be sociable.

Toast Maker The most important part of your best man duties is giving the first toast at the reception to the bride and groom. You should have planned out what you are going to say beforehand.  You can write some notes and refer to them during the speech.  There is no need for a 20 minute monologue. Keep your speech short, simple, and sincere. Three minutes is plenty.  Most of all, keep it appropriate.  Remember there will be family here.  You don’t want to embarrass the groom in front of his new family and his bride.

Dancer As best man it is customary to dance with the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom. Put your dancing shoes on and have fun.  If the bride and groom are checking out wedding bands and you are in the Philadelphia area, ask if you can go with them to check out a Philadelphia wedding band showcase to help them pick the area’s top Philadelphia wedding bands.

Gift collector You may or may not have to do this, but you should ask the bride and groom in advance where they would like the gifts placed in case someone hands their gift to you.

Car Decorator –  This one falls on the wedding party as a whole, but you should talk to the maid of honor and coordinate with her.  Make sure the wedding party decorates the getaway car for the bride and groom to leave the reception. Whatever form of transportation they are leaving in, make sure you have it all planned out ahead of time.

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The wedding is done, but your work isn’t quite yet. It’s your job to make sure any rented clothes from the groom and groomsmen are returned in time.  Once these things are checked off your list, your duties as the best man come to an end. The most important thing to remember throughout this whole process is to help as much as possible and make sure the groom has a fun.

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