Wedding String Quartet

When you and your partner are envisioning your wedding day, the image in your mind is full of nothing but a perfectly refined day to celebrate your love. To bring those dreams to fruition, it’s important to have a plan so that every detail fits your fantasies.

The talent of a string quartet is an excellent way to ensure your wedding is refined and sophisticated. These musicians work hard to give your wedding a personal and romantic touch that a pre-recorded music just can’t.

Choosing the Best Wedding String Quartet

Wedding ceremony musicians bring your wedding to life, as they not only provide musical ambiance but also provide a show for your loved ones to enjoy. Finding the right performers for your event can be a challenge, but when the violins, viola, and cello come together, the rich, gentle harmonies will complement your ceremony perfectly.

Musical Styles

Whether you prefer classical music for weddings or something more contemporary, the possibilities are nearly endless. From Beethoven to Ed Sheeran, professional musicians should be able to provide you with the perfect music for your special day. Once you nail down your soundtrack, be sure to call around and interview some musicians to get a good fit for your personal style.

When the Quartet Plays

Live music really helps set the mood of the ceremony. When you hire a string quartet, they will generally play music at the following points:

  • While guests are arriving; this typically lasts for 15 to 30 minutes leading up to the ceremony
  • Music during the bridal procession
  • While signing the register
  • Music as you and your spouse walk out as a married couple

You are not limited to having music during the ceremony. Many string quartets are also available to play at your reception as well. This will often include gentle music during dinner, so as to not drown out your guests’ conversations.

Cost of Hiring a String Quartet

As you would expect, hiring professional musicians can get to be expensive. However, the price is worth the experience. To get a pricing quote on our string ensembles, contact us today and one of our entertainment specialists will reach out with a price based on time of year, demand, and travel fees.

It is not required to provide food for the musicians you hire, but most people do provide at least water and some light snacks. If they are playing the wedding ceremony and the reception, many people will provide them with dinner, as well.

Are There Alternatives?

Whether your heart was set on a quartet and your budget won’t allow it, or you don’t have space, a string trio or duo are great alternatives. A string trio is only ¾ of the cost of a quartet, and a duo is only half the price. If you contact a quartet and you end up needing to go with a different plan, they may be able to steer you in the right direction so you can still have live music at your wedding.

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