Wedding DJs

Planning your wedding involves a whole host of details and you want to be sure you’re looking out for the meals, guests, outfits, and music. Good wedding music can make any event even better and when you’re planning out all the details for the event, don’t let the wedding DJ slip to the back burner.

Creating the best plan for your event means you need to find the top DJs in your area as well as plan out several other details for your wedding music. Before you end up booking the best DJ Philadelphia has to offer, there are some things you’ll want to consider and plan for your event when choosing a great wedding DJ.

Shop Around

While it can be tempting to just go with the first DJ that pops up or your friend’s friend who sometimes DJ’s events, it’s best to look around. Search out their best qualifications, number of gigs they’ve played, sample playlists, and cost. Even if you decide to go with a friend or family member, make sure you have a contract signed and ready to go.

Venue Checking

Before you search out a different DJ across the city, check with your venue and see if they have a specific DJ they like to use for events. These preferred DJs often know the venue well and will understand any quirks that may cause issues for another performer.

Get Referrals

Doing your research is important when you’re looking for a DJ for your big wedding event. Check with your friends, relatives, and neighbors who have used a DJ for their event and see what their take has been on the way they worked at the event. These referrals are important when it comes to choosing a DJ as online sites can be unreliable or even non-existent when it comes to offering advice.

Interview Time

Take time out to interview prospective DJs. If they’re unwilling or unable to meet with you, it’s a pretty good indication of where their priorities are. The way they act when the pressure is off will be doubled when the pressure of a big event is on.

Ask Questions

Talk through with your DJ about what their equipment is like. Double-check on the type of equipment, what songs are in their repertoire, and the way they usually structure the evening. This is also a good point to ask how involved they are when it comes to the dance and what their take on different important moments will be.


Everyone’s name is different and when it comes to introducing the wedding party, poor pronunciation can mar the evening quickly. Ask questions and probe deeper about if the DJ will be able to pronounce the names of your wedding party or guests with ease.

Clear Communication

As you’re planning your wedding and event, you’ll be working closely with your DJ. Make sure they’re able to offer up good communication throughout the planning process. Someone who struggles to communicate with you in the planning stages probably won’t do very well when you’re in the heat of the moment.

Personality Check

Your DJ is often the life of the party! During the planning and interview process, you need to get a feel for their personality. This needs to mesh with the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your event. Pick your DJ based more on their personality rather than their playlist!


Any DJ you hire is going to have certain terms in their contract even if you just go with your cousin’s cousin. But flexibility is key when it comes to entertaining your guests! DJs need to be organized for the event but also show some flexibility if the timeline starts to go awry.

Key Questions

There are some key questions you’ll want to ask your DJ before you sign on to their contract and make it official!

Are You Insured?

Believe it or not, injuries happen to DJ’s too! Asking whether your DJ is insured keeps you safe in case an accident were to happen. Whether they drop a speaker on their toe or twist an ankle while doing the cha-cha slide, you’ll be protected if your DJ has the appropriate insurance.

Other Services?

Oftentimes, DJs offer a wide range of services that you can add-on to your package for your big day. These can include up lighting and photo booths among other things! Ask for a full list of their amenities and options so you can create a whole space around your event.

Do you Specialize in Weddings?

DJs are used at all kinds of different events but wedding DJs need to have a special something that makes them stand out. Asking whether your selected DJ specializes in weddings can help you narrow the field when it comes to creating an event that you’ll remember forever!

Do you have a Preferred Style?

Some DJs work within a particular style so asking what their genre and style is will help you keep things coherent and consistent in your wedding planning. While you may jive with a DJ who plays punk rock, your laid-back jazz aesthetic may not quite be the place to show that off!

What do you Typically Wear?

This is something that often goes under the radar when couples are planning their event. While the DJ is often in the background, their apparel can make a difference. Letting them know what the dress code will be can help get them on board when planning for your event.

How will you Build our Playlists?

This is the biggest part of your DJ’s planning during your preparation for the big event. They’ll let you know if they’ll create a playlist during a single meeting or throughout several emails. They should take into account your likes and dislikes as well as any suggestions to curate the perfect playlist for your wedding and event.


Planning a wedding is a time-consuming process and a great wedding DJ can bring the entire thing to fruition! Taking into account a few simple things will put you on the path to a great wedding event in no time!

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