Interactive Living Champagne Wall

If you want your event to stand apart from the rest, consider booking an interactive living champagne wall for your event. Click to Learn More!

Interactive Living Champagne Wall for Weddings and Events!

If you want your event to stand out from the rest, consider booking a Philadelphia Interactive Living Champagne Wall! BVTLive! is one of the only entertainment agencies in the Tri-State area to offer an interactive, living champagne hedge wall! These champagne hedge walls are all the rage in the event space, especially for the consumers who want an immersive entertainment experience.

Interactive Champagne Walls are fully customizable, with the ability to decorate the wall to suit your event! The specialty cocktail is also customizable, meaning it certainly does not have to be champagne you are greeting your guests with! Just simply ring the bell and watch your living champagne wall come to life!

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    Interactive Champagne wall by BVTLive! Woman taking cocktail from interactive living champagne wall
    Interactive Champagne Wall by BVTLive!

    How Does an Interactive Living Champagne Wall Work?

    Live Champagne Hedge Walls are super easy to use. Simply ring the bell stationed at the front of the hedge, and your champagne will arrive shortly! BVTLive! has two to three of their expert event performers waiting behind the wall to hand out the champagne to your event guests. Once the bell is rung, they will pour then pass the drink so that your guests will get nothing but the freshest drink!

    Interactive Living Champagne Walls are perfect for:

    If you want to set your event apart from the rest, and give your guests those buzzworthy, ‘Instagrammable’ moments, consider booking an interactive champagne wall for your event! Our fully Customizable live champagne hedge wall can be decorated with your choice of signage, décor, and even the libation can be the choice you want. BVTLive! is one of the only Philadelphia entertainment vendors in the area offering a live interactive champagne wall!

    Interactive Champagne Wall by BVTLive! Philadelphia Entertainment Agency

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    If you want to elevate your Philadelphia wedding or event, consider booking an elegant living champagne wall for your big day! Click the button below to speak with an entertainment specialist and book your interactive live champagne wall!