Kurt Manderbach

Seasoned acoustic professional, Kurt Manderbach is premier Philadelphia entertainment option for a variety of events. Click to learn more!

Philadelphia Acoustic Guitarist, Kurt Manderbach

With a rich repertoire of acoustic performances at countless Philadelphia event venues, Kurt Manderbach brings seasoned experience and a unique style to every performance. Perfect for any setting, Kurt is the ideal entertainment for a variety of celebrations.

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Kurt MAnderbach Acoustic guitarist in Philadelphia

Whether it’s a cocktail hour, the cozy setting of a small private party, the refined atmosphere of country clubs, or the lively energy of social gatherings and brunches, Kurt’s versatile talent sets the perfect tone for any occasion.

Drawing inspiration from classic and alternative rock icons such as Sting and Credence Clearwater, Kurt infuses his performances with a contemporary edge. From rock ballads to heartfelt acoustic renditions, Kurt’s repertoire captures the essence of musical nostalgia and innovation.

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But Kurt’s versatility doesn’t end there. With a voice as smooth as John Mayer’s softer rock tunes, he effortlessly serenades audiences with his vocals and acoustic guitar, allowing him to cover softer, modern rock anthems. It’s this ability to switch from different musical genres seamlessly that makes Kurt a sought-after artist for events of all kinds.

Beyond his solo endeavors, Kurt is also the dynamic lead vocalist and bassist of Back2Life, one of Philadelphia’s premier party bands represented by BVTLive! His commanding stage presence and electrifying performances with the band add another dimension of excitement to any event, making him a seasoned addition to your celebration.

Acoustic Guitarist in Philadelphia

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Experience Kurt Manderbach at your next Philadelphia gathering and let his music transport you to a realm of acoustic bliss. You can’t go wrong in choosing BVTLive! musicians for your celebration. Book him now and make your event a celebration of music, and unforgettable moments. Click the button below to speak with an entertainment specialist today!