Edgardo Cintron Azuca Band

The Latin-Jazz ensemble has been playing up and down the east coast for over 30 years at festivals, concerts, weddings, and events. Their unique, energetic sound creates the perfect party or corporate party dance floor atmosphere.

Philadelphia Latin Jazz Band, Edgardo Cintron Azuca Band

The Edgardo Cintron Azuca Band is a Latin-Jazz ensemble that can play all of the Latin standards at the highest level. With the ability to scale from a 7 to 12-pieces, this Latin jazz band is the perfect choice for your event or party of any size!

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BVTLive! Edgardo Cintron Azuca Band

Edgardo Cintron is an entertainer with music in his blood. He takes strongly after his father, who was a guitarist in a military band throughout Edgardo’s childhood. He began his professional career after returning from his own tour of service in the army from 1975-1977. After ten more years of studying music the Edgardo Cintron Azuca Band was formed in 1988, making the ensemble over 30+ years old.

The Edgardo Cintron Azuca Band is perfect entertainment for your Country Club event, themed party, social gathering, or milestone life event!

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BVTLive! Philadelphia Latin Jazz Ensemble

The Edgardo Cintron Azuca Band hosts 7-12 instrumentalists include Timbales, Congas, Trumpet, Piano, Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Bongos, Piccolo, and Vocals, creating a big band experience wherever they play! Their dynamic sound is sure to make you get up and dance!

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