Themed Model Greeters and Dancers

Grab your guest’s attention immediately with one of our themed greeters for your corporate event! With fully customizable, handmade outfits, our greeters are guaranteed to impress your partygoers and take your event to the next level!

BVTLive! Philadelphia Interactive Live Performers posing with guests at the Downtown Marriott in Philadelphia Interactive live performers are all the rage in the event space. They add an element of elegance and energy to your event, while elevating the occasion for your guests and party goers. Our Interactive live performers are trained professionals and know what it takes to keep your guests intrigued and interested. They also create the ‘wow’, “Instagrammable Moments” which helps circulate your event throughout different industries and social groups.

These interactive live themed greeters can dress in just about any garb themed to the style and vibe of your event. Costumes can be chosen based on your needs, or upon special requests. All costumes are handcrafted and unique for your specific event, which guarantees this will set you and your event apart!

Our specialty Models can act as greeters, dancers, interactive photo opportunity moments, strolling models, or all of the above!

GREETERS & PHOTO OPS – Imagine having your guests enter the venue greeted by two or more gorgeous models in themed attire next to your logo, welcome sign, or even custom photo backdrop. This will create a “Wow” moment where all of your guests will stop and have to take a picture to remember and share with the world.


STROLLING MODELS – As your guests enjoy their cocktail hour or dinner, our interactive models can stroll among your guests in themed costume to create an atmosphere that transports them to a different world. With elegance and style, our models will be able to take pictures with your guests and enhance the experience of the night.


INTERACTIVE DANCERS – As the night goes on, everyone loves a party, and what is better than party enhancers! Our models are not your typical “Mitzvah Dancers.” All our Models are trained dancers and can customize your performance depending on your vision. Whether you would like them on stage or a pedestal giving a real performance, or down on the dance floor, creating a fun atmosphere and bringing your guests up to join them, having interactive dancers will create yet another wow moment for your guests

BVTLive! Interactive Themed Greeters in Philadelphia smile for a photo before a wedding or event Use Themed greeters and dancers for:

Corporate Events



Milestone Birthdays


Back Yard Parties


And much more!


Check out some videos below showing our BVTLive! Philadelphia Themed Greeters in action: