Philadelphia Live Event Aerialists

BVTLive! not only offers the top wedding bands and DJs in the Philadelphia and surrounding regions, but also extends a plethora of production entertainment to add the ‘WOW’ factor to your event! Aerialists are a great way to set your event apart and give your guests something memorable to take home with them.v

The Philadelphia event industry is focusing on immersive entertainment; entertainment without boundaries creating everlasting, unique, and memorable experiences. Our Philadelphia professional Aerialists are a great way to set your event apart and create an immersive atmosphere for your guests and partygoers. Our Philadelphia Event Aerialists will come in a costume chosen specifically for your events theme and ready to impress. Our Aerialists are top notch, athletically trained performers with many different capabilities. Event Aerialists can perform a numerous amount of ways: Hanging Silks, Lyras, and Lollipop Lyras.

Lollipop Lyras are the most popular of our aerialist options as they do not need any special rigging and are a free standing device that can be set up in any room. This device sits onna platform base and has an elevated free standing ring that spins for the aerialist to perfom in. This spinning enables the performer to hold striking poses and showcase stunning strength and technique. Since they are ground supported, the aerialists do not take up too much space and can perform in their contained area.

BVTLive! Lollipop Lyra Philadelphia Event aerialists interactive performer

Hanging silks are the ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ gymnast silks that you have seen a million times on TV and at the circus, and now they are available for your event! Our trained aerialists have the strength and knowledge on how to delicately navigate the hanging silks with ease and put on an interactive live show right in the midst of your event. Silks typically need to be hung from a pre-approved structure in your venue, or we can also bring free standing rigs depending on your venues space.

BVTLive! Philadelphia Event Aerialists Hanging Silks

Hanging Lyras are a circular steel apparatus that hangs from the ceiling, where our artists can perform their aerial acrobatics. This art is the combination of the two above styles and is another way bring that wow factor to your event. Here you can see our performers flip, balance, hang, and do everything in between on their lyra.


Champagne Pouring Aerialists – If you really want to take your interaction to the next level. Ask about our Aerialist Drink Servers! If you are serving champagne at you’re your event, why not have your guests served from the air! Our Lyra artists can be suspended in mid air and pour your guests champagne from the air as they arrive. Ask our event specialists about this interactive option and create the wow factor for your next event!

BVTLive! Aerialists are highly trained and skilled gymnasts who have been in the entertainment business for all their lives. They know what it takes to bring your party or event to new heights!