Prepping for Your Philadelphia Wedding With Dance Lessons

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Before the big day, many couples prep for their Philadelphia wedding with dance lessons. Traditional wedding dances are often a highlight of the ceremony: the bride and the groom, the bride and her father, the groom and his mother. There are many songs that are popular during wedding receptions, from classics to recent pop hits.  Before hitting the dance floor on your wedding day, you may want to consider taking dance lessons. Dance lessons are a fun way to rehearse for your big day, while preparing for a wedding dance. Your time in the spotlight will be memorable.

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Should You Take Dance Lessons Before Your Big Day?

Whether you decide to take dance lessons before your wedding day depends on many factors, and your comfort level. What type of music will be played? Do you want to focus on the traditional dance songs, current hits, or both? What do you hope to accomplish with dance lessons? Are you interested in basic steps, ballroom dancing, or a complex, choreographed routine? Some couples decide to choreograph a Philadelphia wedding dance, surprising guests. This requires a commitment and takes many hours and lessons to nail down the choreography. If the entire wedding party is involved in a choreographed Philadelphia wedding dance, there is additional coordination around schedules.

Where Should You Book Your Dance Lessons?

So let’s say you are interested in choreographing your first dance and having a little something prepared for your big day.  Where do you book your first lesson? How many lessons do you book? How far out from your wedding day should you book your first lesson? How often do you practice? A local dance school, Society Hill Dance Academy, is located right in the heart of Philadelphia and offers a wide variety of dance lessons for all skill levels. So no matter if it is your first time dancing or you’re a seasoned dancer, Society Hill Dance Academy has some of the best dance lessons around to make a lasting impact on all of your wedding guests. Getting started with lessons as soon as possible gives you the most time to practice and nail down your routine. It is recommended that you at least give yourself 6 months and abut 15-25 lessons to prepare for your first dance.

If you’re not sold on the Society Hill Dance Academy, ask for recommendations from other couples regarding Philadelphia wedding dance lessons. Most likely you have friends that were recently married, and have suggestions on where to go and who to contact for dance lessons.

There truly is no downside to taking dance lessons before your wedding, and there are several benefits.

Benefits of Taking Wedding Dance Lessons

  • You and your partner will be more comfortable with one another and avoid the awkwardness that may come from inexperience. You’ll feel more confident during your Philadelphia wedding dance in front of your guests.
  • Besides learning dance steps, Philadelphia wedding dance lessons are a date-night-out and an opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. Start many months ahead of time to avoid a time crunch. Remember, this should be fun!
  • Understanding how you and your partner move together means you won’t be stepping on each other’s toes, literally. Wedding gowns can be heavy and difficult to move in. Knowing the steps ahead of time definitely helps with fluid mobility.
  • Taking Philadelphia wedding dance lessons together is a great form of exercise, and an escape from wedding planning tasks. It’s a stressful time, and enjoying some time on the dance floor can be emotionally and physically beneficial.

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BVTLive! Can Help You Find the Perfect Band for Your Philadelphia Wedding Dance.

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