For the Groom: What To Do After the Wedding Ceremony

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For the Groom: Preparing for Your Wedding Part 3 – After the Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony is over, you have kissed your bride, now what? The previous two articles of this three part series talked about the planning stage and the day of the wedding. But what happens after you say “I do?”

After you exchange your vows and you have been pronounced man and wife, the fun can really begin.  This is when you and your wife can take a deep breath and relax a bit.  The nerves that both of you may have been feeling leading up to the moment you exchange your nuptials can start to calm down. Now it’s time to party and celebrate with your family and friends.

As the groom you will be responsible for taking your new wife’s hand and greeting your guests.  This will happen twice.  The first time is when right after you exchange your vows and leave the wedding ceremony area.  They will be standing and clapping as you walk your new bride out of the ceremony and the two of you will greet them briefly as you exit.  At this point you will probably be whisked away by your photographer to take a bunch of photos.  Enjoy this special moment.  Allow yourself to be immersed in it.  Take lots of pictures with your family, maid of honor and bridesmaids, and best man and groomsmen. These are special times that you can all reflect on as the years go by.

After the ceremony and the photos comes the big party!  This is where you can let loose but before you do, there is still one more thing you may have to do.  Your guests spent time and money to spend this day with you, so let them know you appreciate them.  It is very important for the groom to go around the room with his bride and thank the guests for coming.  It is also good for you to make a public toast during the reception so plan for that as well.  Don’t be nervous. There is no wrong way to do this.  Just be tasteful and embrace the moment.  Feel free to write it down ahead of time and read it from your notes.  Most importantly, enjoy your reception, eat well, dance up a storm and have fun.

The honeymoon is next.  The only thing you have to do at this time is to relax, reflect, and enjoy your new wife.

When it’s all said and done and you are back from your honeymoon, your wedding responsibilities are not over just yet.  You still have a couple things to take care of.  First you will have to send thank you cards to all of the guests that attended your wedding.  It is important to thank them for coming and for the gift they got you. You should also send thank you cards to the wedding planner, the venue, the caterer, the photographer or videographer, the band or DJ, and anyone else that helped to make your day a memorable one.  There may be a lot of people to thanks so it is important to be involved during this process.

Another thing you should do is to make sure the best man and the groomsmen have returned any rented clothing or shoes.  You don’t have to check with each person individually.  Instead, you should give this responsibility to someone in your wedding party and hold them accountable.  Just check with them and make sure the returns have been made.

Congratulations! The entire wedding process is over and your marriage can begin. You can now settle into your new life as a married man with your beautiful bride.

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