For the Bride: What Do I Need To Do After the Honeymoon?

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For the Bride Part 3 – After the Honeymoon

Your wedding day was amazing. You say goodbye to your last guest and you turn to your husband feeling exhausted and energetic all at the same time. You two finally have time to relax and spend time together as a married couple. You can officially take a breather.

Many times after a wedding, the couple, their immediate families, and the bridal party all typically stay in the same hotel.  Since everyone will all be at the hotel, you may want to have breakfast with everyone. It’s like one final celebration with them before heading off on your honeymoon.

It might not be the day after the wedding but typically within the next few days you and your husband will leave for your honeymoon. How exciting!  No matter where you go, you should enjoy every moment of it. These are your first moments together as a married couple so make them memorable. Limit your time on your devices. Focus on just the two of you.  Spend time together and take LOTS of pictures to share and reflect on as the years go by.

Once you get back, there are still a few final wedding tasks to take care of.  For example, you may have a bunch of wedding gifts and envelopes to open.  A good idea is to have a notebook with you so you can take note of who got you what so you can send thank you notes.  You want your thank you’s to be personal and you want them to go out as soon as possible.  A good rule of thumb is to send thank you notes within one week of your return from your honeymoon.  You don’t want your guests getting waiting six months after the wedding and thinking the whole time, “Wow they just don’t care.”  If you have some great pics from the wedding or the honeymoon, it’s a good idea include a picture in the thank you.  It would be really cool if it were a picture of you and them. They will really appreciate this little extra deed.

Like all good things, your wedding will come to an end and it will be back to reality.  The difference is, this reality is going to be a new reality. You are coming home from your honeymoon to live life as a married woman. What a beautiful new reality.

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