For the Bride: Forget the Stress Knots, Just Tie the Knot

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For the Bride: Planning your Dream Wedding Part 2: Forget the Stress Knots, Just Tie the Knot

Your wedding day is finally here. The months of planning and prepping have finally come to the big day. You never thought this day would come, but it here it is. So now what?

As nervous, excited, and anxious as you might be the night before, try your best to get a really good night’s sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day and while you will have an adrenaline rush, you still want to have the energy to get you through the whole day.  Once you have gotten home from the rehearsal dinner, put on a good facemask, cuddle up in bed, and get to sleep as early as you can.

When you wake up on your wedding day you will certainly be excited and maybe a little nervous too. It is okay to have butterflies in your stomach but don’t get yourself sick with worry and stress. This day is all about you. Relax and enjoy it. Eat a really good breakfast and try not to have too many mimosas.

Enjoy every second with your bridesmaids leading up to your walk down the aisle. Tell old stories. Laugh together. Embrace being pampered all morning. You will most likely never have a morning of getting ready quite like this again.  A good thing to remember during this time is to take lots of pictures.  Take group shots with your bridesmaids as well as shots with each girl individually.  These pics can be candid or posed.  Just make sure you take lots of photos.  This will make each of them feel really special and you will have lots of memories to look back and smile on.

Since your groom can’t see you before the wedding, you’re going to have to send one of your girls out on a little mission. Prior to the wedding, you should get your soon-to-be hubby a little “I love you” gift and write a little love note.  One idea is to get him a nice watch. With the watch put a little note that says, “I love you and I can’t wait until the time comes to marry you.” No matter what it is, make both the gift and the note personal. Get him something that he will really love. This little gift will make him even more excited to see you walking down the aisle.

From the second you see your “about-to-be” husband to saying goodbye to the very last guest at the end of the night, don’t leave his side (unless you have to go bathroom of course, that might be a job for the maid of honor to help with). This day is all about the two of you celebrating your love and unity. How can you celebrate these amazing things without your partner by your side? You don’t want him thinking, “Where did she wonder off to now”.  Be with him, be present with him, live and enjoy the moment with him.


One last tip is to personally go up to each table with your now husband and thank everyone for coming. Weddings are expensive, not just for the couple but also for the guests. They get you a gift, they have to get outfits, and sometimes they even need to get a hotel room. It all adds up. You don’t want your guests to feel underappreciated. You want them to know that you appreciate them sharing your big day with you.

Your wedding day will fly by. Don’t waste one second of it. The spotlight is on you and your husband. Take advantage of each moment and enjoy every little thing. Appreciate all the hard work that went into making this day possible. Forget all of the stress knots and just tie the knot. Dance like you’ve never danced before.  Love, laugh, and enjoy!



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