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What is the Average Wedding Band Cost?

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All couples planning a wedding have a budget that they have to stick to. Some budgets are big and others are small but every couple can have their dream wedding with some smart budget planning. One aspect of wedding planning that should not go neglected is wedding entertainment or music.

Many people enjoy coming to weddings for the dancing and celebration of new lives starting together. You may decide that you want to have a wedding band perform music for your wedding, but might be hesitant because of the potential costs. The average wedding band cost depends on several factors but most couples pay between $6,000 to $16,000.

With this variety in a wedding band cost, you might be wondering what goes into the pricing of wedding bands. The factors in this decision include what you expect of the wedding band and services that they offer. No matter how much you can budget for a wedding band, they produce high-quality sound and memories that will last a lifetime.

Standard Costs of Wedding Band

When you look at hiring a wedding band and the average wedding band cost, you may be wondering where all of that money is going. The simplest answer is that wedding bands take more time and effort than DJs and many of the costs go towards that.

As a general rule, the more people are in a wedding band, the more that you will have to pay. The rate that you pay is split between the members of the band. Bands also bring their instruments and other equipment that requires maintenance. If you’re hiring a band that has a lot of equipment that they bring, that will also up the cost.

Besides their instruments, wedding bands also bring their sound and lighting equipment. If these pieces are elaborate that can also contribute to raising the cost of the wedding band.

Wedding bands will also run the show, with the band leader acting as the emcee for your reception. This is hard work and bands expect to be paid appropriately for that work. Wedding bands can also be hired to play long into the night, which also impacts how much they charge.

Expectations of Wedding Band

As you’re shopping for a wedding band, you will likely find yourself wondering, “how much does a wedding band cost?” A lot of this depends on any higher expectations of the wedding band you hire to do and if you want them to do anything extra.

If a band has to travel, for example, that can impact the price that you have to pay for a wedding band. These extra costs will cover their travel expenses and the accommodations they have to make. If you like a band that is located outside of your city, you will likely expect to have to pay more.

Many wedding bands may also charge for a specific number of hours. If you hire them to do more, like play for the cocktail party or an after-hours set, they will likely charge more. Bands will also take breaks during their set, you can work with them to determine what will happen during their breaks.

If you ask anything extra of the wedding band that you hire, such as learning a new song, that will also likely provide an additional cost. The band members will need to get together to learn the song and practice it enough so it comes across as well as possible. This can vary from band to band so if there is a special song that you and your partner want at your wedding, be sure to ask about any
potential charges.

How to Keep Costs Low

As you search for wedding bands in Philadelphia, you may also be wondering what you can do to keep wedding costs down. If you want a wedding band on a budget it is possible by knowing what you want and working towards that within your budget.

Hiring a smaller wedding band will help keep costs low. As will keeping performing hours of your wedding band low. If you really want a wedding band to perform the first song and provide other key background music for important events, you can have a wedding band while still keeping costs at a minimum.

Why Hire a Wedding Band?

With these additional costs, some people may wonder if hiring a wedding band is worth it. It can seem like a lot of additional costs for some music, which you can get with a DJ at a fraction of the cost. Having a wedding band will benefit you and your wedding though.

Having live music provides a clear, crisp sound that you won’t get with recorded music. Having a wedding band will also help your wedding stand out from others by providing a different method of entertainment. Having the band leader act as the emcee will also help keep the guest energy up and get on the dance floor.

Hiring a wedding band is well worth the extra costs for how much your guests will enjoy the ambiance and energy that they bring. Having live music will help your wedding stand out and be remembered for all the right reasons. Keep people talking about your fun wedding by hiring a wedding band.

Average Cost of a Wedding Band in Philadelphia

The average wedding band cost depends on several factors, mainly what services the wedding band provides and if you want them to do anything extra. While you’re asking yourself about “live bands near me” you will also want to think about ways to mitigate costs if your budget is an important consideration.

Though a wedding band does come at a higher price compared to wedding DJs, they are worth every penny for the quality of service they provide and how much your guests are bound to love them. Everything from the sound to the energy they bring, having a wedding band will be a great way to celebrate and your wedding.

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