Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah DJs

Whenever you want a DJ for your Bat Mitzvah or other event, you are thinking about a lot of things. One of those things is exactly how to hire a DJ for your event? What is the process of getting a DJ from the hiring stage to them becoming your DJ for Bat Mitzvah? That’s what this article looks to solve!

First, when hiring a DJ, you need to look at their music repertoire as that is the only reason that you are hiring them. DJ’s tend to have a lot of music playlists that you can choose from, and you can easily pick the type of music and even the certain songs that people will end up liking. But more than the music they will focus on one other aspect, keeping the party up.

Figure Out How They Get The Crowd Going

One of the best things that will come out of having one of the top party DJs is how they will keep the party going. Most of these Mitzvah DJs have been to them before, and they know when the party needs to be brought down with some lighter background music and also needs to be enhanced with larger and bigger tunes.

You can ask how your DJs get people out of their chairs and into the dance floor, and whether they accept requests from guests. You can also request that they play certain songs at certain events and when certain things happen.

Take A Look At Their Reviews

Most DJs, including the various BVTLive DJ’s have plenty of reviews and testimonials about events they have been a part of. If you need a bar Mitzvah DJ and want to see if they are any good, the best thing to do is to check out the reviews and see what others think about the DJ in question.

Recommendations from others are always helpful whenever you focus on hiring your perfect DJ, so if they are well recommended they are good to go!

What Equipment Do They Have?

Finally, whenever you hire one of the DJs in Philadelphia, you need to see what equipment they have. Do they just need a turntable and computer, or do they need an entire system. If they need a mobile setup, then make sure to let them know about the size of the room so they can make adjustments.

Sometimes DJ’s can be limited by their equipment, but the DJ’s at BVTLive are able to make sure that they can play your event no matter what. You won’t have to worry about limitations with our team.

Hire Our DJ’s And Don’t Worry

We get that hiring a DJ for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah can be very stressful, but our team at BVTLive makes sure that our DJ’s are professional and able to play any songs or style of music that you want. Then you can worry about the other aspects of the Mitzvah and leave the music to us!

DJ Gaetano

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DJ Linx

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BVTLive Fusion

BVTLive is proud of its focus on live music, and so for those clients who want an extra special live element added to their DJ experience, we have created an innovative act where a live DJ performs simultaneously with amazing musicians.  Our DJ emcees your event and then produces a cool mix of dance music that is enhanced by select BVTLive musicians.

BVTLive Blend

BVTLive offers a great solution to those clients with a conservative budget, but who demand the highest level of classical ceremony music and professional pop or jazz cocktail and dinner music while leaving the dance music and the emcee responsibilities to one of our high level BVTLive DJs.

Enhancements for DJs

Up-lighting Looking for that wow-factor to help make your party stand out? We have what you need with up-lighting! Wireless intelligent up-lighting can be set to a custom color and/or synched to music. This is a phenomenal way to enhance the mood and aesthetic of your party! Many experts claim up-lighting to be an integral...