BVTLive! Strangers Band Bandleader Denny Bloomingdale

One of the best Philadelphia wedding bands is lead by Denny Bloomingdale, Strangers band leader. Denny Bloomingdale has evolved Strangers into the Band they are today!

Strangers has come a long way throughout the years, but the members and musicians have been the sole reason for its success. Strangers Band leader, Denny Bloomingdale, refuses to take all of the credit for the bands accomplishments, stating, “every single member has worked hard to get Strangers to where it is today.”

Strangers is like a family, their relationship with each other allows them to have great energy when they are on the stage and make every performance fun. They truly enjoy each other’s company, and all members share the value of a good work ethic. Collectively they have a mentality that the harder you work at something, the better you will be; which is why they rehearse together at least once every week. One of the unique features of Strangers is the father son duo within it. Denny’s son, Dean, is one of the lead singers who has toured all seven continents throughout his music career. This special bond between father and son brings a truly unique presence to the stage.


Bandleader of Strangers, Denny Bloomingdale

Strangers has made many transitions throughout the years, formally a bar band it has evolved into one of Philadelphia’s finest wedding and dance bands. Denny has had no formal education in music, unless you count the many years of guidance provided from his family. A child of nine, he has been taught everything he knows from his parents, uncle, and siblings.

Growing up, Denny performed in his own doo-wop band on street corners until he started playing with Strangers. His mother, brother, and sister were all professional singers; his sister was actually the one to originally start Strangers with Denny in 2001 as a classic rock and blues band. She was the lead singer, while Denny concentrated on some lead singing, backups and the harmonica. When Denny Bloomingdale became Strangers band leader, he wanted to bring his love for big band music to Strangers, the band eventually outgrew the bar scene with the expansion of their horns section and joined BVTLive! as they began working full time in the wedding and special events industry.


Bandleader of Strangers performing with couple at wedding

You would never believe that Denny spent 36 years running his own Graphic Design Company before he decided to sell it and focus full time on Strangers. His love for music had never faded; he wanted to focus on having fun at work and waking up in the morning knowing he loved what he did for a living. His strong business background gave him excellent skills for as Strangers bandleader; his strengths being planning, organization, and finding and putting together the right group of people, and of course – great customer service. Denny believes that running a band is really not any different than running any successful business. When the customer is happy, everyone is happy.

Denny’s main goal is always to make his clients wedding day the best day of their lives through fun and entertainment. It’s easy to tell that his main goal is to keep the dance floor crowded, and the guests smiling and having a great time.