The Ashford Estate: Julia and Daniel Falasca – September 27, 2019

Unbelievably talented and easy to work with! Eddie and the band were absolutely incredible at our wedding! Every single band member was incredibly strong and they know exactly what to play and when to play it! They also did a great job of learning special songs for our parent dances and helping organize the entire night. You cannot go wrong with Eddie Bruce Orchestra! I’ll definitely book them for any time I need a band in the future.

- Julia (Bride)

The Inn at Longshore: Chelsea and Andrew Naden – August 10, 2019

Best night ever! Best wedding Band! Eddie Bruce!

- Stacy (Mother of the Bride)

Ritz Carlton: Tori and Julian DiMelis – July 13, 2019

I would absolutely book them as soon as you are engaged. Eddie Bruce and his band were fantastic! Almost every guest said it was the best band they had ever experienced at a wedding. The dance floor was full all night. Eddie can feel the crowd and interacts well with the guests. I would unequivocally recommend them. They made the wedding celebration special.

- Thomas O’Malley (Father of the Bride)

Sheraton Society Hill: Dayna and Matthew Doroshow – June 1, 2019

Best wedding entertainment! We went with Eddie Bruce Band for our wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. BEST DECISION we made! Eddie and his team were so incredibly amazing!!! I had so many guests raving about the band! Everyone had so much fun, and we danced the night away!!! The band was warm and insanely talented!!! A few of the singers came down on the dance floor with us. It was really special and fun!! The music choices were spot on!! The night ran so smoothly thanks to Eddie. Outstanding night, outstanding band!! Additionally, we had DJ Rhyno for our after party. This completely blew my expectations!! I did not think the after party would be as fun as it was. We have DJ Rhyno to thank for that! The music was fun, hip and the sound was perfect. DJ Rhyno brought in some lighting and I felt like I was in an exclusive club. It was soooo much fun!! Thank you!!

Dayna (Bride)


WOW! What a fabulous evening thanks to Eddie Bruce and his band!!!!! Eddie and his team were so incredibly amazing!!! I have had so many guests raving about the band! Everyone had so much fun, and danced the night away!!! Eddie's band is so warm and insanely talented!!! A couple of the girls from the band came down on the dance floor with the guests and it was really special and fun!! The music choices were spot on!! There was so much energy in the room and the night ran so smoothly thanks to Eddie. I can't thank them enough!!! Outstanding night, outstanding band!

The Union League of Philadelphia: Joseph and Madeline Dell’Aquila – May 4, 2019

BEST band ever!!! Hiring the Eddie Bruce Experience was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding day. All of our guests of all ages were on the dance floor the entire night, which is exactly what we wanted. Many people after the fact said the band was the best one they've ever heard (coming from an audience who has heard several popular Philly wedding bands who all claim to be the "best".) They played a perfect mix of new and old songs and got everyone on the dance floor before we were even announced. Book them now!!

- Madeline (Bride)

Trenton Country Club: Emily and Jorind Beqari – April 27, 2019

Everyone is still raving about our amazing band!! Eddie was wonderful to work with, we met with him ahead of time and he created the perfect reception schedule so all of our guests were able to dance as much as possible. The band was out of this world!! The vocals were incredible and the band made it feel like we were in the front row of a concert. They are 100% worth the cost and will create the best wedding you could imagine. Music is so important for your wedding reception and it is something everyone will remember. I know that everyone will remember our band for years to come and I am so grateful for Eddie Bruce and his Orchestra!!

- Emily and Jorind (Bride and Groom)

Terrain Gardens at Devon Yard: Lauren and Jeff Heft – January 12, 2019

Outstanding; from the very first inquiry to the end of the wedding itself.
We chose The Eddie Bruce Experience from BVTLive! and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants their wedding to be musically top notch. Every single musician in the band was of the highest quality talent and could stand on their own. Their energy and ability to read the crowd was amazing. Eddie met with us personally several times in the planning process, so he really understood what we were looking for. A definitive 5 stars! Wish we could do it again!

- Lauren (Bride)

Horticultural Center: Christina and Jamie Michalove – January 5, 2019

Mother of the bride

We hired the Eddie Bruce Band to perform at our daughter’s wedding on January 5, 2019. You have to make many decisions when you plan a wedding this decision was one of the best we made. The Eddie Bruce Band was fabulous. Eddie himself is very involved before the wedding to make sure that everybody will be up dancing. Eddie has years of experience and that will really show with the band being very professional and there high energy. This band never takes a break during the whole wedding and everybody will be on the dance floor the whole time. I have never been to a wedding where at the end of the night the whole crowd started screaming one more song they wouldn’t let the band off the stage. We had people on the dance floor from age 90 to 20. Do yourself a favor book this band for your child’s wedding they will not disappoint!

- Teresa Mallon (Mother of Bride)

Radnor Valley Country Club: Jen and Jesse Ruben – October 7, 2018

Totally satisfied....nothing less than I expected. Everything was great....Eddie did a fabulous job. It was a magical evening and "a splendid time was had by all"!! Thanks to you all for a celebration I will never forget....the wedding of my only son!! Please feel free to use me for recommendations...any time.

- Peter (Father of the Groom)

Private Residence: Hannah and Mulira – September 22, 2018

I am writing to say thank you. Your music created such an extraordinary energy throughout the wedding party --the  timing was perfect, the music was GREAT, the dance floor was overflowing, and guests are still commenting on how this was the best wedding party ever....

Our British guests were especially delighted and surprised (dancing before dinner! amazing!)

Your help with planning, your experience and knowledge, and your warm competence are deeply appreciated.  Please let me know whether we can provide references at any time, and thank you so much Eddie,we are  grateful for everything you have done.

- Rachel (Mother of the Bride)


The Logan: Julie and Jeff Palumbo – April 21, 2018

What can we say about Eddie Bruce?? The dance floor was never empty (even during dinner!), everyone had a fabulous time, they play everything from Sinatra to Rihanna, and most importantly, they sound INCREDIBLE!

My husband and I attended a few black-tie events where EBO was the band and even before we were engaged, we knew we wanted them to be our wedding band, and luckily for us they were available on our date!

In addition to being an incredibly talented band, one thing that stood out compared to the other bands we looked into--just in case EBO was not available on our date--was that Eddie himself contacted me when we inquired to book with him. Not an assistant or secretary, Eddie. He was personable and detail-oriented right out of the gate, and it truly made our experience with the band even better.

They played every song we requested, were sure not avoid playing any song that was on our "do not play" list, and made the night memorable from start to finish. They are top-notch and by far the best band on the East Coast!

- Julie and Jeff (Bride and Groom)

Eddie Bruce is by far the best band in the city of Philadelphia.

Eddie Bruce is by far the best band in the city of Philadelphia. There was not a minute of our wedding when the dance floor wasn't crowded. Eddie and his band members certainly know how to run a party. Their talent is outstanding!


Eddie and his team are absolutely fabulous!

Eddie and his team are absolutely fabulous! He is a joy to work with and has worked with my family for years. He always looks to keep things fresh and accommodate his clients. He and his team are very talented! We were dancing all night - just like we wanted.


Eddie Bruce is the absolute best! Seriously you can not get a better band!

Eddie Bruce is the absolute best! Seriously you can not get a better band!


9/1/2013 – Lindsay

Eddie Bruce is the absolute best! Seriously you can not get a better band!


9/16/2017 – Julia

EDDIE BRUCE ORCHESTRA IS THE BEST!!! My husband heard them perform at a wedding years ago before we met and since then always knew he wanted EBO to play at his wedding. Fast forward, Eddie created a PARTY at our wedding which was exactly what we wanted. The only direction we gave EBO was to keep people on the dance floor for a wild party and his band delivered!

We got so many comments from our guests about the incredible band and how much fun the party was. We couldn't be happier! Thank you EB Band!


5/28/2017 – Debra

Eddie and his entire team were absolutely awesome throughout our entire wedding day. As promised, they kept the whole party dancing the entire night and we are forever grateful for the beautiful memories.


12/5/2015 – Valerie

The Eddie Bruce Orchestra was incredible... we can't say enough about them! We got married in December 2015, and at the last wedding we went to, a friend came up to my husband and I and said our wedding band was still the best wedding band he had ever seen. We still get compliments to this day. Eddie and the band kept the crowd dancing the entire night, and we didn't even have to really do much in the way of requesting to play this or that (besides the first dance, mother/son, father/daughter dances). They know what to play to make it a memorable party! All of the musicians and singers were top notch. They are pricey as far as wedding music goes, but I think pretty standard/reasonable for the size of the band (10+ people), and you absolutely get your money's worth as far as quality of entertainment goes.


Anonymous 2015

Eddie Bruce was one of the first vendors we made sure was available for our wedding date because we had seen them perform at two other weddings and knew we wanted his band to perform at ours.
Everyone was on the dance floor all night and Eddie played the perfect balance of music to keep the dancing going. Even a month after my wedding, I still get compliments on the band and the music.
Eddie and his team are fantastic to work with and they really made our wedding special!
Awesome job!

11/22/2014 – Julie

Eddie leads the best band around. He knows how to read and lead a crowd and keeps everyone on the dance floor all night long. All of my guests, from around the country, remarked that this was the best band they'd ever heard. He was also so easy to work with and incredibly responsive. I wish I had more occasions in my life to use them! Definitely worth every penny.


10/12/2014 – Colby

There are wedding bands and then there is Eddie Bruce Orchestra, who are in a completely different league. Their immense talent, energy and Eddie's professionalism, vision and expertise combine to ensure you have the perfect wedding. Eddie knows how to plan the night to ensure everyone is on the dance floor and partying and begging for more after the final song. My husband and I had some unique music requests of Eddie, and he didn't even blink. It was incredible. Book Eddie Bruce. Seriously. You will be so glad you did.


10/11/2014 – Aishleen

My sister had Eddie play at her wedding in 2012...from the very first dance of the night to the last song, I knew when I had my own wedding, I just HAD to have this band play - EVERYONE was on the dance floor all night, I mean EVERYONE. At my wedding, Eddie did another beyond amazing job - he played every song we wanted and the variety of music he and his band play kept everyone moving and shaking for hours. Eddie really takes control of the entire night and makes sure everything runs smoothly and perfectly - as it did! He has the entire night planned out and working with him really ensured the wedding night would be perfect. I usually don't take the time to write reviews, but felt like I HAD to share how awesome the Eddie Bruce Band is - HIGHLY recommend him for weddings and really any other event...he is the best around!!!!


9/28/2014 – Victoria

I am not a dancer. However, from the moment Eddie Bruce and his band started to play at my wedding (this past Sunday) I couldn't stop dancing. My feet are still swollen from dancing for 5 hours straight. At one point I found myself jumping around the dance floor in my wedding dress with the biggest smile ever.
These guys are pure gold. Let me be clear here: Eddie & his crew had my 89-year-old grandmother up dancing THE ENTIRE NIGHT. Not only was the entire wedding party dancing -- they were having the time of their life.
As soon as my husband and I started planning our wedding he insisted on having Eddie play. And now I understand why.
Eddie -- you helped to make my wedding the best day of my life!!! We love you guys!
Thank you!



Eddie and the band rocked the house. They played to the crowd and never skipped a beat. We met with Eddie a few weeks prior to our wedding and he had the entire reception mapped out from a timing perspective. And because of that, there wasn't any lapse in the reception. In addition, working with JoAnn was easy. She did the scheduling and made sure things flowed smoothly.

As one guest said at our wedding, "I have never been to a wedding that rocked like this before the salad was served"

From start to finish, this was the greatest day in our lives and Eddie and his band had everything to do with that.

The best band ever.

Joe and Cindy Filippone

9/6/2014 – Madeline

Awesome band, everyone was raving about the music and high energy!! They played an awesome mix of old and new stuff and the dance floor was literally packed the entire evening. The entire band was extremely professional and totally accommodating for any requests we had.