Allure Films

Allure Films

A wedding film has the ability to capture moments that might otherwise slip through the cracks. At Allure Films, Tim Sudall has been making films for over 20 years. He simply loves what he does and it truly shows in his work. Tim says that his favorite part of the job is giving clients the final product. He says, “When we are finished we give clients one of the most wonderful wedding gifts of all, a rewind button.”

Imagine having that rewind button available to you and your spouse for the rest of your lives. It is a piece of your personal history that you can share with your children and grandchildren in years to come. No one does it better than Tim Sudall of Allure Films.

At the end of the evening, you will take comfort in knowing that Tim has captured every moment of your special day in a discrete manner that does not draw attention to himself. No bright lights, microphones, or backdrops are involved here; it’s just Tim as he floats around taking part in your special day.

Allure Films captures moments of life and allows those moments to become an important part of your family forever. Allure is dedicated to making your wedding film unique and beautiful, and providing you with a film that will be with you to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Owner Tim Sudall has over 20 years of experience across thousands of weddings at hundreds of different venues. Allure Films has been recognized with dozens of local, national, and international awards for high-quality projects. You will feel comfortable knowing that your guests, family and friends will never feel Allure’s presence, but we will be present to capture every unforgettable moment of your special day.

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