Pictures by Todd


Sunset Engagement Photos

Todd Zimmermann founded Pictures By Todd with a vision of creating a team of photographers that recognizes the importance of reliving cherished memories and sharing them with others. When you hire Todd and his team, the positive experiences of your event will be documented to the highest degree of excellence. He believes that photography is largely impacted by one’s ability to respond to the energy of the room and promptly adapt to changing circumstances. In order to capture the perfect moment, his photographers have the knowledge to properly identify when to step in and stage photos and when to let the moments play out on their own. Todd and his team have perfected this approach thanks to their countless years of experience.

Todd was encouraged to pursuit professional photography by his passion for storytelling and by his grandfather who was internationally known for his photographic work from the 1920s to the 1950s. In the same way, his passion was also sparked by his love of capturing what was happening in real time and producing images that enabled others to feel as if they were there with him. On top of his tremendous skills in capturing unforgettable moments, his past experience as an EMT and ambulance driver help him respond quickly and work under pressure during high stress events. Whether shooting engagement photos, weddings, a corporate event or party, Todd and his team are sure to capture perfect photos for you to cherish until the end of time. The Pictures By Todd staff are an exceptional choice and will surely produce great work for your event photography.

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