Peachtree Catering & Events

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If you are looking for an experience that combines sophistication with down-to-earth reality, welcome to Peachtree Catering and Events. With a simple and honest approach, Peachtree strives for a beautiful style and clean design, that focuses on the quality of their food and product from the ingredients used to the wines served: every detail is carefully selected. Every event and every couple is treated as a unique opportunity to give a home-style feeling with the service and dining experience of a 5 star restaurant.

Peachtree was founded in 1985 as Peach Street Caterers by Jon and Lori Weinrott. Having trained as chefs in France they brought their training and skills to Philadelphia as they purchased a small corner store in Roxborough. From there, the rest is history as Peachtree continues to bring a comforting sense of class and elegance to every event they take part in.

Peachtree is the exclusive caterer of three venues: Parque (Ridley Creek state Park), Pomme, and Portico (Awbury Mansion). Additionally, they provide catering services at a number of other facilities that can be found on their website.

If you are looking for true quality and care in ever place setting, reach out to Peachtree catering as they will pay attention to every detail of your special event.


For more information, click here to visit their website.